Viral Video Shows Potty-Training Toddler Lying to Dad About Pooping

Viral Video Shows Potty-Training Toddler Lying to Dad About Pooping

Normally, kids who lie to their parents’ faces earn punishment, but one West Virginia two-year-old’s gaslighting of his dad is earning him viral fame instead.

Dani DeVito (seriously) shared a video of her son Matt and husband Greg having a conversation while Matt is perched atop the toilet, a relatively new experience for him. Asked repeatedly if he pooped, Matt denies, denies, denies.

“Wait you didn’t poop?”

“No, I peed!”

“I thought you pooped too?”

“I didn’t poop! I peed!”

It goes on like that for a while, and Greg has more and more trouble keeping it together as his son grows more and more insistent. It’s enough to make Greg start crying with laughter, which does cause some concern.

“Are you sad daddy?” Matt says, reaching out for a hug.

“I’m trying so hard to not laugh I’m crying,” Greg replies. “You’re funny, you’re a really funny guy.”

For a moment, Matt admits that he did, in fact poop, but once dad wipes away his tears Matt picks up the game again as if nothing had happened.

The original video has attracted over 31 million views on Facebook and was popular enough that the family started a Youtube channel to chronicle more of their relatable experiences.

Adding to the hilarity of the video is the fact that, according to an interview the couple did with, Matt wasn’t speaking in his normal voice throughout the interaction.

“We don’t know where the voice came from. We have no idea. He’s just a goofy kid. He says it all the time now because he’s randomly seen the video with us, but it’s not a normal occurrence by any stretch of the imagination,” Dani said.

Seeing Matt try to comfort him while he cries, unaware that not all tears are sad, is proof to Greg that he’s doing his job as a dad.

“One of the things that I really, truly want to accomplish is to raise a kid who is compassionate and caring and takes others’ feelings and concerns into account,” he said. This video, in addition to being hilarious, is proof that the DeVitos are on the right track.

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