10 Birkenstock Dupes That Look and Feel Like the Real Thing—And They’re All $50 or Less

10 Birkenstock Dupes That Look and Feel Like the Real Thing—And They’re All $50 or Less

I’ve never been the type to stockpile shoes. I usually only have 10 pairs—and I keep each for years, even though their daily wear-and-tear is observable. Last month, though, when my house sandals went the way of the dodo, I surfed the interwebs to finally get myself a pair of Birkenstock sandals. I, for one, really love the look and feel of Birks (we especially love the Birkenstock EVA, the classic pair you’ve probably seen on many feet), as they’ve been lovingly nicknamed. But as soon as I got online, I saw what I deemed to be too hefty a price tag. Disillusioned but not disheartened, I started searching for Birkenstock dupes.

Because of the nature of the internet (and my not-so-shabby reporting skills), I found so many Birkenstock dupes options from searching for just a couple of hours. The best part? The ones I found are all $50 or less. No one is saying that means you should buy three pairs instead of one—because sustainability starts with you—but it’s certainly nice to have an extra $100 in your bank account whenever possible.

All that said, I live in Los Angeles, where it’s perfectly possible, and even acceptable, to wear sandals year round. If you live in a place that actually gets seasons, where the temperature drops well below the usual 60 degrees of my hometown, you might be searching for comfy slippers instead of sandals. Or you might be searching for both, in preparation for the warmer months that are to come.

Whatever the case is for you,  find the best 10 Birkenstock dupes for sandals and slippers below. You’re welcome.

5 Birkenstock dupes for sandals

Shade & Shore Neida EVA Two Band Slide Sandals — $10.00

Even though I spent hours on the web searching for Birkenstock dupes, I ended up getting these for $10 at Target. (What can I say? I love a good deal.) The sandals come in 10 different colors, so you can get whichever one catches your eye. Unlike Birks, these are made of plastic. But just like Birks, they’re very comfortable and require little break-in time.

Cushionaire Cork Footbed Sandal — $25.00

If the 23 color and material options aren’t enough to convince you that this sandal is a smart purchase, perhaps you’ll consider that, like Birks, this sandal is a combination of suede insoles, a cork footbed, and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) outsoles for a flexible sandal. Because of that, it’ll take a second for you to break them in. But once you do, they’ll contour your feet as they should. And between us, nobody will realize these aren’t real Birks.

Steve Madden Teddy T — $40.00

Let’s say you’re looking for a sandal that makes more of a statement. These Steve Madden Teddy sandals are a pretty good bet—because they come in a leopard print option as well as a tie dye option (11 colors and patterns total) . Like the pair from Target and unlike Birks, they’re made out of plastic, so they don’t take long to break in.

Oncai Flat Slide Sandals — $25.00

Instead of using synthetic materials for their soles, this Oncai Birk dupe uses suede, which can help keep your feet from getting, uh, sweaty, as well as a  rubber outsole and cork midsole and insole for maximum comfort. Additionally, the buckles are functional (as opposed to decorative), so you can adjust the straps to your liking.

Freedom Moses Faux Dual-Buckle Slide Sandals — $50.00

Could this be the most beautiful Birkenstock dupe ever created? Prone to dramatics as a Leo sun, I certainly think so. On a serious note, these Freedom Moses sandals have a plastic sole and are injected with air to make for a more comfy walking experience. They’re also cruelty-free, 100 percent vegan, and (as if those two things weren’t enough) infused with essential oils to provide a milk and honey scent.

5 Birkenstock Boston dupes

Madden Tonson Buckled Footbed Clog — $40.00

These slippers usually retail for $50, but they’re currently on sale for $40 at Nordstrom Rack. The external material is synthetic, the lining is textile (instead of fur or faux fur), and there’s also an EVA sole, so they’re pretty close to the real thing. You can only get them in taupe, but, let’s be honest, taupe goes with everything.

Cushionaire Hana Cork Footbed Clog — $35.00

As far as Birkenstock Boston dupes go, one Amazon reviewer says, “These shoes are exactly the same other than the price. They both adjust, they are both comfortable. Same cork sole, the insole is just as good.” That makes sense considering that the shoe, in fact, has an EVA outsole, suede insoles, and a vegan leather exterior.

Eastland Gina Clog — $50.00

This is a good option if you’re searching for Birkenstock Boston dupes because they’re enhanced with moisture-controlling (and comfy) insoles made of memory foam. The buckles are also functional here, so you can tighten them or loosen them depending on the vibe. The internal lining is made of fabric, there’s an EVA sole, and the midsole is a combination of synthetic materials and cork.

TF Star Soft Footbed Clog Cow Suede Leather Clogs — $41.00

Similar to the other options, this has suede soles and features EVA. What sets this slipper apart from others is that it has a raised toe bar, which the manufacturers say is “designed to encourage the natural gripping motion of your feet.” It also has a deep heel cup, “to keep the natural padding of your foot where it belongs.”

HZSTAY Cow Suede Leather Clogs — $44.00

This slipper is also made of 100 percent leather, but unlike the preceding option, it’s lined with plush to keep your feet warm and has adjustable straps. Additionally, it has a natural cork footbed so there’s extra support.


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