15+ Laundry Room Organization Tips To Help You Reduce Stress

Organizing each room in your home is important for you to feel at home. But one room that seems to be cluttered and messy no matter how hard you try is the laundry room. Laundry room organization isn’t always easy.

laundry room organization

But it can be. All you need to know is a few tips that can help you get started in the right direction. Check out these laundry room organization tips and utility rooms to find out how you can get started with organizing your room. 

How Do I Organize My Laundry Room?

How Do I Organize My Laundry Room

Let’s start with the standard laundry room. This is the laundry room with a standard washer and dryer. This room has space for shelves and isn’t all that tiny but it can still be helpful to get it organized. 

Door Shelves

The first thing you may want to do is either hang or mount shelves on the back of the door. This saves space and makes the area look much neater. You can build your own shelves or buy over-the-door ones.

The over-the-door shelves are affordable and look great. You can use them to store clothing, towels, or laundry supplies. They come in shelving, or pouches that are completely waterproof, a wonderful feature. 

High Shelves With Closet Rod

High Shelves With Closet Rod

High shelves tend to disappear and can even make a room look larger. Use this trick to have extra storage and keep things out of sight. You can either do open shelves or cabinets with doors, depending on your preference.

Both work out fine. It’s all about whether you want the simple convenience of the open shelves or the neatness of the cabinets. Use small kitchen or bathroom cabinets if you do go that route, they both work well. 

Build A Countertop

laundry room Build A Countertop
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You can build a countertop simply by adding a slab of wood to the top of your washer and dryer. But this is risky, to say the least. What you should do is consult a professional before you get started with this project. 

What you will probably end up doing is building at least one leg over to the side to support the table. Then, you can freely work on it without it disturbing the appliances or vice-versa. This is great for folding laundry.

Stacking Washer/Dryer

Stacking Washer/Dryer

Stacking washers and dryers can be quite pricey so only go shipping for them if you have the budget for them because you may fall in love and be disappointed if you can’t afford them. But if you can afford them, go for it. 

Stacking washers and dryers look so good and save so much space. You won’t be able to use the “counter” space anymore but you can add your own counter with the space freed up by stacking the appliances. 

Laundry Cart

Laundry carts can be found in two versions. There are small carts that slide between or beside your washer and dryer. Then there are the larger laundry carts that have a countertop and are used for folding laundry.

The larger of the two is great if you have the space but the smaller is perfect for storing your detergent and fabric softener when not in use. It can be hidden away so easily too, making it perfect to keep your laundry room neat. 

How Do I Organize My Small Laundry Closet?

How Do I Organize My Small Laundry Closet

If you have more of a laundry closet than a laundry room, you are probably looking for ways to save space and not simply make your laundry room more extravagant and organized. This is why we have you covered. 

Fold Don’t Roll

While rolling up towels was trending for years, folding them is back. It is primarily trending to fold towels again because it saves so much space. Rolling looks good but folding towels save much more space.

You can take up the shelf space of one towel with a dozen towels this way. Sure, if you still want to roll towels then go for it. But if you want to save the most amount of space then you want to tri-fold them. 

Classic Pull-Down Ironing Board

Classic Pull-Down Ironing Board

The pull-down ironing board is a great way to save space. If you iron, of course, it is necessary. But even if you don’t, an ironing board can be used simply to fold clothing after it comes out of the dryer. 

No one wants this job but if you make your laundry closet a peaceful place and turn on some music, then pull down the ironing board and enjoy yourself when ironing. Then it may be the preferred chore. 

Store Clothes Away

store clothes away from laundry room
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If you don’t have much space, then consider storing dirty laundry in a different room. It can all be stored in the same room or you can store the laundry in the respective rooms. For example, your laundry goes in your room.

When it comes to shared laundry like towels, you would store that in the bathroom. Kitchen towels can go in the kitchen or the bathroom, depending on where you have the most space. This can work out better anyway. 

Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are an exciting way to store anything. Because farmhouse decor is trending, these ladder racks are trending anyway. So you can make your small laundry closet look its best while saving space.

There are a few ways to mount them. You can simply mount the top and hang towels on it or you can hang it from the ceiling with four points. Any way that you do it will look great with a rustic ladder. 

How Can I Make My Laundry Room More Efficient?

How Can I Make My Laundry Room More Efficient

If your goal is to make your laundry room more efficient then you’re not alone. Laundry rooms can be difficult to do laundry in if they aren’t set up correctly. But there are a few ideas that can help you out.

Laundry Chute

Now this will definitely take a professional to set up, but it can be worth it, especially for mess children. How it works is that there is a chute attached to the upstairs hallways or even the bedrooms that leads to the laundry room.

This doesn’t work for one-story houses very well and doesn’t work for downstairs bedrooms. But if your bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs and the laundry room is downstairs, it can be super useful.  

Laundry Center

A laundry center is a place that is similar to a kitchen island that has a counter and plenty of storage. This is where you will get all of your supplies and where you will do most of the folding of the laundry.

You can set it up any way that you like and you can use it in any way that you like. If you like, you can even remove the counter and use it as a freestanding closet. But typically, it looks like an island. 

Closed-Lid Hampers 

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Sorting your laundry into whites and colors is a good idea. Don’t forget to separate denim as well, especially if it is new as the dyes and threads can easily rub off and ruin other garments that are paired with it.

But it’s not just sorting laundry that’s important, but it’s also closing the hamper lids, because this can take care of the unsightliness and the smell. Add some charcoal bags to further purify the room. 

Everything At Arm’s Length 

This is the most efficient thing you can do. Ensure that everything you need to wash the laundry is at arm’s length. This will save a lot of time and make doing laundry so much easier for whoever is stuck with the job.

Of course, if your laundry room is large, this may seem silly, but it will be worth it. USe the rest of the space for storage or having bulk items available. Or perhaps have part of the room taken out and put into a different room. 

How Do I Organize My Utility Room?

How Do I Organize My Utility Room

When it comes to utility rooms or mudrooms, things can get hectic. There are supplies everywhere and if it’s a mudroom, well, that name is given to this room for a reason. It is definitely not an easy room to keep organized. 

The Everything Bin 

An everything bin is something for your family and not for guests. But it can be so valuable and reduce the stress of having a larger family. Have everyone take clutter that they don’t put away immediately to that bin.

Then every night before bed, everyone takes everything that is theirs and puts it away. This works out well and prevents things from getting lost or misplaced. Throw away whatever isn’t claimed in a few days.

The Bench

The bench is available in a utility room
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The bench is available in a utility room so you and guests can put on their shoes and take them off easily. It can also be useful if you are working on something and need to sit down. If not in use, it can be used as a shelf.

But most of the time, you should use it for a bench and keep it open. It doesn’t have to be large or fancy. It only needs to seat one person and since they will only be there for a few minutes, it doesn’t need a cushion. 

The Shoe Rack

Utility room with shoe rack

The shoe rack is a rack used for storing dirty shoes. One of the best places for storing these shoes is under the bench. This isn’t necessary, of course, but it sure is helpful and takes up the least amount of room.

Alternatively, you can always simply build a separate shoe rack. But try to avoid using a basket for shoes as is often done. This is messy and allows boots to be placed on top of more delicate shoes.  

The Board

Finally, we have something that can be useful in any space, but especially a utility room or laundry room. All you need to do is put a markerboard with a calander and notes up for the whole family to see. 

For laundry rooms, it can be helpful to add instructions on how to do the laundry in case anyone forgets. For utility rooms, leave notes for one another and cross-check calendars and schedules for family events. 

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