17 Garage Organization Ideas You Must Do This Season

17 Garage Organization Ideas You Must Do This Season

Have you been taunted by the clutters occupying your garage? Get organized and live a more clutter-free life with these 17 garage organization ideas!

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Easy Garage Organization Ideas: Reclaiming Your Space

Young handywoman searching some working tools on a wooden shelves in the workshop | Easy Garage Organization Ideas: Reclaiming Your Space

Keeping your garage organized requires proper planning on how to best use your space and maximize storage.

Our garage is one of the least used areas in the house, but it is also the easiest dumping place where everything is put in when not being used.

Organizing all the cluttered items accumulated in the garage may seem impossible to handle, but it can be done.

So, I am sharing with you some of these garage organization ideas to get all of the clutter under control. With a little planning and organizing, you can get a well-organized garage in no time.

1. Mudroom In The Garage Entry

Interior of a white mudroom with white garage door and wooden flooring | Mudroom In The Garage Entry

Looking for a mudroom space? Why not turn your garage entry into one? A small space next to the entryway is the perfect spot to hang umbrellas, hats, coats, and backpacks. It's also a brilliant idea to put in a shoe cubby or storage bins to put all your shoes away.

2. Corral Your Sports Balls

With some bungee cords, you can create a ready-access cage where you can store all your sports balls quickly against the wall and kids can easily grab one at the bottom without unloading all the ones on top.

3. Install An Overhead Shelving

Home suburban car garage interior with wooden shelf | Install An Overhead Shelving

Make use of your overhead spaces to store your seasonal or frequently used stuff to keep them out of the way. It’s ideal to put a label or use stackable clear plastic bins to know what’s inside and keep them dust-free.

 4. PVC Organizers

Colorful patterns of PVC pipe | PVC Organizers

Give your lawn and gardening tools their place, out of the way, yet easy-to-access spot with these simple and inexpensive PVC organizers. Grab a PVC pipe and cut them into holders for your rakes, shovels, and tools.

5. DIY Screwdriver Rack

One yellow Phillips screwdriver sits in a rack on a yellow pegboard | DIY Screwdriver Rack

This screwdriver rack will keep your tools in their place. This is such an easy and inexpensive project to make. You may use pieces of scrap wood and drill a few holes in it. Then, cut some brackets for mounting, and you now have a neat and sturdy tool organizer.

6. DIY Garden Tool Rack

DIY gardening hand tool wall storage | DIY Garden Tool Rack

Storing all your garden tools can be tough – they are long and short, or heavy and light. And, this garden tool rack is a perfect solution to the problem in no time at all. Using a couple of planks from a pallet, your garden tools will be organized without spending a fortune.

7. Jumbo Wooden Tape Dispenser

wooden tape podium on white background | Jumbo Wooden Tape Dispenser

Forget those times when you had your tape dispensers lying on your desk. It's time to make your own wooden tape dispenser for your garage. This is a brilliant idea to keep track of your tapes.

8. DIY Scooter Stand

Young Teenage Boy Doing Scooter Tricks And Jumps Outside On A Cold Day | DIY Scooter Stand

Have problems with some Razor scooters lying all over the place? Then it's time to allocate a scooter parking area!

Decide on how many scooter stalls you want, get the stall measurements right and cut your boards to length. Attach the boards square and straight to keep everything in place. This wooden scooter stand is very easy to use and fairly sturdy.

9. Cordless Drill Storage

Makita cordless driver drill with screw bit set | Cordless Drill Storage

Keep your entire workshop clean and organized with this cordless drill storage. This will also serve as a charging station that will keep all your cordless tools in just one place, ready to be used and fully charged.

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10. DIY Magnetic Strip

Magnetic kitchen knife holder closeup | DIY Magnetic Strip

Stay organized in a simple and practical style with this DIY magnetic strip. Mount a magnetic strip directly to a wall near your workbench area to keep your tools on visual display and at the ready.

This is not only useful in the garage, but also in the kitchen as a knife rack, or as an elegant organizer for your jewelry, makeup, and other beauty products.

11. Organizing With Pegboards

A selective shot of a metal tool hanging rack from a wall | Organizing With Pegboards

Keep your workbench area organized by hanging tools on a pegboard. It's one of the brilliant ideas to keep all your supplies close at hand and you won't have to struggle to pull them from your drawers. Adding pegboards to your garage provides so many space and storage opportunities.

12. DIY Hanging Tire Storage Rack

A garage owner put dark grey dirty fan without cap on the wall | DIY Hanging Tire Storage Rack

This DIY hanging tire storage rack is so simple, yet very practical tire rack. It can be built with little to no carpentry experience. It's solid off-the-floor storage usually made from scrap wood. You will surely love your extra garage floor space.

Yes, we can! 💪

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13. Use Your Wall Studs

Close up on a row of timber wall studs | Use Your Wall Studs

Your wall studs are the perfect way to keep all your things organized. Grab a couple of boards and attach them to the exposed studs and make different shelvings to hold a few stuff. Skip a space between your studs and add some hooks to hang your rakes, shovels, and other taller tools.

14. DIY Folding Workbench

Work table in the room, wooden board on the sawhorse in an empty room | DIY Folding Workbench

Collapsible workbenches are easy to make and require minimal supplies. Just fold it up after using it and you instantly have extra space. No need to move a workbench around the garage anymore!

15. Hang Mason Jars Under Shelves

Mason jars filled with various nails | Hang Mason Jars Under Shelves

Hanging jars under the shelves is the best storage solution for your garage. Just drill the lids under the shelves and screw your mason jars in. An easy and simple way to store your nails, screws, and bolt. Plus, it's a perfect opportunity to upcycle mason jars.

16. Label Everything

Woman's hands holding a label maker | Label Everything

Putting labels is perhaps the most important part of an organization. You will easily know what's inside every container, tub, and bin without knocking down everything inside.

Label the containers with taped-on labels or dry erase markers for easy re-labeling. Your garage is so much better organized when everything has its own place and labels to go with it.

17. Spraypaint Organizer

New spray paint cans | Spraypaint Organizer

Use an empty wall space in your garage to hang a shoe organizer and place your spray paint cans in the pouches. This spray paint organizer allows you to see the color you need and grab it without unloading every other can on the drawer or shelf.

Looking for more garage organization ideas? Watch this video from Ana White and learn how to build garage shelving:

Isn't it great to have everything at hand without the boats being in between? I love it! Everything should have its designated post, so everyone in the house will know what item goes where. I'm definitely loving a much better-organized garage space! I'm sure you will like it, too!

Do you find these garage organization ideas helpful? What is your favorite way to keep your garage organized? Let us know in the comments below!

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