20 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas For The Perfect Entryway Makeover

20 DIY Shoe Rack Ideas For The Perfect Entryway Makeover

A DIY shoe rack can solve a lot of problems, whether you prefer a shoe cabinet or something small and inconspicuous.

shoe rack

A proper shoe storage system is a must for every home, whether you have a big collection or just a few pairs.

It’s surprising that even with all the different options to choose from it’s still difficult to find the one that makes sense for you and your home.

Which Shoe Rack Is The Best?

It’s difficult to say which shoe racks are the best because different solutions work best depending on your space and the style you prefer. You can choose from many different styles of shoe racks, including:

  • Cabinets
  • Over-the-door
  • Benches
  • Vertical storage
  • Custom displays

The possibilities are limitless for designing specific shoe storage that meets your needs. 

What Is The Best Way To Store A Lot Of Shoes?

A massive shoe collection can quickly get out of hand. Some of the best ways to store a lot of shoes include:

  • Keeping them in their original boxes.
  • A rack or shelf display.
  • Use storage bins or cabinets for organizing.
  • Organize shoes in your closet according to the occasion.

Anything that makes it easier to find the shoes you’re looking for will be better than storing them in a pile or on the floor. 

Which Place Is Best For A Shoe Rack?

Typically, the best place for shoe racks is near your house’s entryways, like by the front and back doors. This makes it easy to take shoes on and off when you’re leaving or getting home. 

Shoe Rack Ideas to Create a Good Storage System for Your Entryway

1. Shoe Storage Cabinet

shoe storage cabinet

One idea is to build shoe racks in a cabinet style, with narrow shelves for regular shoes and tall compartments for boots. You can give it a wooden top slightly wider than the actual cabinet so you can also use this piece as a console table for the entryway. This stylish DIY shoe rack is actually pretty versatile and you can place it in pretty much any room.

2. Shoe Storage Shelves for Your Garage

Garage Shoe Rack

If you’re not too particular about the design you can build something out of leftover material from previous projects. Check out these shoe storage shelves that are just perfect for the garage. The design is definitely pretty rugged but that’s what the intention was from the start. Of course, it’s all easily customizable so you can make yours look a lot fancier if you want to.

3. A Plywood Shoe Cabinet

plywood shoe cabinet

This plywood shoe cabinet from shanty-2-chic definitely has what it takes to make a home feel more complete. The design is simple and putting together the cabinet is easy once all the cuts are made. You can actually also customize the cabinet with your choice of colors or even paint a cool geometric pattern on it using tape.

4. A DIY Shoe Storage Space

DIY shoe bench

If you feel like a cabinet is too much for you and you’d prefer something smaller, check out this cute DIY shoe rack which doubles as a bench. You can find the plans for it on craftingintherain. It’s actually perfect for the entryway because it lets you sit down while you put on your shoes. It’s great if you have small kids or if you like comfort in general.

5. A Vertical Shoe Rack for a Small Entryway

Vertical shoe rack

A vertical space is optimal for shoe racks in small entryways. Or if you simply don’t want to waste any floor space with this accessory. Check out the tutorial on instructables to find out how you can build such a shoe storage system yourself from scratch. It’s easier and more efficient shoe organizers than you think.

6. An Industrial-Style Shoe Rack

Industrial Pipes and wood shelf for shoe

An industrial-style shoe rack is also an option. In fact, this is the type of project that gives you a lot of freedom of flexibility because you can customize it in all sorts of interesting and ingenious ways. You can make these shelves as big or as small as you want or leave as much space as you want to between them. You can also spray paint the pipes and fittings in your favorite color. Check out the details of the project on twofeetfirst.

7. Build a Custom Storage and Display System for Your Shoes

Industrial pipes furniture design

Speaking of industrial DIY shoe rack designs, check out this idea from project instructables which shows how you can build a custom storage and display system for a large collection of shoes, whether it’s for the entryway, dressing room, walk-in closet, or some other space. Once again, the combination of metal pipes and wood looks amazing.

8. A Hidden Shoe Rack

Storage pull out drawer for shoe

If you don’t want to put all your shoes on display, a hidden shoe rack is also an option, a very valid one in fact. You could build a cabinet with vertical pull-out modules and shelves for different pairs of shoes so you can organize them. This also makes it easy to assign each family member a different compartment. You can find all the details of this project on handmade-haven.

9. A Super-Sized Shoe Rack

Simple wooden shelves for entryway storage

Building a shoe rack is pretty similar to building a bookcase except the shelves are a bit angled. The nice thing is that you can customize it so it fits perfectly on your entryway. You can make it as tall as you need to, depending on how many pairs of shoes you have. You can later add all sorts of little details such as labels on each shelf or paint the shelves in different colors. Check out jenwoodhouse to find how to build this shoe rack.

10. Cardboard Box Shoe Rack

Cardboard simple shoe rack DIY

It’s possible to want a temporary shoe rack, one that is not meant to be used for too long and doesn’t have to be very sturdy and durable. In that case, try building a shoe rack out of cardboard boxes. It’s an excellent idea and a very simple project too. All you need boxes and tape. Don’t worry if the boxes have different shapes and sizes. You can definitely make it work. Have a look at this tutorial from instructables to get an idea of how this whole project goes and also to find some inspiration for your own DIY shoe rack.

11. PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

If you are looking to add a bold option to your home, consider this PVC pipe shoe rack from Home Stories A to Z. You’ll have plenty of space to add every pair of shoes in your home. Each pair will have its own pipe to live in, and the great thing about this option is that you can add as few or as many pipes as you need. This would be great in your entryway or could be hidden in your garage.

12. Peg Board Shoe Rack

peg board shoe racks

You don’t have to spend a fortune to add a shoe rack to your entryway. Sawdust Girl shows us how to create simple peg board shoe racks, which can be hung low on your wall so that your shoes won’t fall off. You’ll no longer have to trip over shoes when you walk into your home, but you still won’t have to worry about adding a huge unit to your entryway.

13. Shoe Storage Baskets

Store your shoes in baskets

For a versatile shoe storage unit for your entryway, opt to add a bench with shoe storage baskets hidden underneath. Each member of your family can have a basket with their name on it. And your kids can chuck their shoes inside their basket when they return home from school. The rustic baskets add a lovely decoration to your space. Plus, you’ll have a handy shoe storage bench to sit and put on your shoes each morning. Check out this idea from Trey & Lucy today.

14. Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

In a modern apartment, this copper pipe shoe rack will look fantastic in your entryway. It will barely take up any space in your home. But it adds a practical solution for storing your shoes. Fresh Crush shares this floating copper shoe rack, which makes it easy to clean and sweep underneath your shoes. You won’t have to remove the rack at all to keep the area clean. And you’ll have space to store the shoe collection you use each day. You can also make this an even longer shoe rack if you have more space or more family members to accommodate.

15. Skateboard Shoe Shelves

skateboard shoe storage

These have to be the most unique shelving options on our list today. And they make a great rack for a large entryway or garage. You’ll use old skateboards to create a number of shelves for your shoe storage. You could keep things simple with a couple of shoe racks. You can add a whole stack of skateboards, as shown in this Homedit DIY guide that is super easy to follow. This project will impress anyone who enters your home and is such a fun way to store your shoe collection.

16. Floating Shoe Storage

floating shoe storage

Instructables offers us this elegant and simple rack which is made using IKEA shelves. The shoes will float from the wall, and the weight of the shoes is what keeps them in place. This whole project will barely cost you anything to put together. And you can make the rack as long or as short as you need for your shoe collection. It’s the perfect quick project for a free weekend.

17. Planter Shoe Racks

planter shoe racks

For anyone looking to make a shoe rack on a budget this year, consider adding some leftover planters to your entryway wall. Be Sweetly Inspired showcases this easy idea that would be perfect for a large family. You could each have your own planter to place your shoes in. And you won’t have to worry about keeping metal planters clean from your dirty shoes. This will barely cost you anything to create, and you’ll just have to attach them to your wall, and your work is done.

18. A Ladder 

ladder shoe storage

If you are looking to make a great first impression on your guests, opt to make this ladder shoe rack from Home Made By Carmona. This is a stylish yet practical solution for storing shoes. And you’ll create it from scratch using these plans. You can paint the wood to fit your home entryway. Or you can leave it as it is naturally, as shown in these photos. We also think this would be a fantastic option for other uses in your home, such as adding plants or decorations in any room in your house.

19. A Large Shoe Cubby

A Large Shoe Cubby

Remodelaholic shares this large shoe cubby which is perfect for large families. If you are sick of your children’s shoe collection cluttering up your entryway, this will provide enough storage for everyone. It will need a good amount of space to fit in your entryway, but you could always cut down the project to fit your needs and space.

20. A Wall to Rack Shoes

shoe wall rack

We don’t all have a lot of spare space on the floor in our entryway. Add your shoe racks to the walls with this idea from Lily Ardor. We love the staggered and modern style of this shoe storage, which also creates some decoration for your entryway. Of course, you can add as few or as many racks as you need to fit the size of your family or shoe collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Should shoes be stored in boxes?

Storing your shoes in their boxes can be a fantastic idea since they provide perfect storage conditions. If you clean them first before putting them in the boxes, the shoes will last longer.

What is the best way to store shoes in a closet?

If you have a large closet, you could consider installing shelves for your shoes. However, if you have a small closet space, over-the-door hanging systems can be efficient.

Is it okay to store shoes in the garage?

Storing your shoes in temperature fluctuating areas can damage your shoes. Heat can dry out your shoes, causing them to warp. And cold spaces can cause them to stiffen and keep them from drying out.

What else can I use a shoe rack for?

If you no longer use your shoe racks for storing shoes, you could always repurpose them for decorations or storage in any other room of the house.

Shoe Rack: Conclusion

Whether you choose to make your own shoe rack or purchase one, all of these options will help tidy up your entryway. Regardless of the shape and size of your entryway, we hope you’ve found an option here today to fit your needs.

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