A dressing room is a fantastic space in which to have all your clothes organized, although not in all houses there is the space necessary to put one. Today we give you a few tips to organize a dressing room, without a doubt very useful since, like...

How to Organize a Dressing Room
There are closets and dressing rooms that are in complete chaos, and as much as you put it all right, in no time it is again like a jungle. By following the appropriate guidelines, you will ensure that this jungle does not reappear, of course, you are also putting your will to do so.
Tips for organizing a dressing room Outside what you don’t use
Remove from your dressing room everything you don’t use, be it clothing, footwear, accessories, etc. We tend to accumulate many garments that pass the months and even the years, and we never use them. You can make an exception with something special, but having half a dressing room if you can’t use it. Donate, give away or sell what you don’t use.
Divide the seasons
Do not accumulate in your dressing room clothes from all seasons, go changing in each season to have only at your disposal what you are really going to use in the following months. Why have a sheepskin coat or your collection of scarves all summer in your dressing room?
The size of the hangers can make you have more or less space available in your dressing room, so use the most appropriate in each case to make the most of the space. There are special hangers for certain garments, but for others, a fine hanger, for example for T-shirts, will suffice.
Clothing by categories
When organizing the dressing room it is very useful to separate the clothes by categories, so it is easier to choose it every time you need it. Each person will create the categories that best suit their lifestyle, but for example, you can put one for work clothes, another for sports, another for partying … customize the options according to what you have.
Folded clothes
Knowing how to fold clothes is key to making the most of all the available space since poorly folded clothes will always take up more.
Without a doubt, the small compartments in shelves or drawers will be of great help to you to organize accessories, underwear, etc. much better . Boxes or baskets are also very decorative.
Shoe room
If you do not have a shoe rack and you are going to store the shoes in the dressing room, do it in special boxes for it, it is much more practical than having them all on the floor or on a shelf.