Amazon Spring Favorites

Amazon Spring Favorites

Spring is finally here!
And with that comes a fresh start and a much needed spring in our step.
Here are my top Amazon finds for this time of year.

Collage of Amazon products and photos for Spring

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Since Spring just hit {thank you Lord} I thought it would be fun to share all of my favorite Spring essentials from Amazon. Items I have and love or that have come highly recommended and are currently sitting in my cart.

So let's get started!

Summer Tie Dye Tank. Now, while it is still no where near Summer, grab this tank. I got it before we went to Florida last year and I had so many compliments on it! It's soft and flowy and goes with jean shorts, jeans or looks cute layered underneath a jean jacket. Super fun!

Glass Pitcher with Lid & Spout. Nothing gets me drinking more water than warmer temps. Does it do the same for you? I love, love, love adding sliced lemons, cucumbers, limes and fresh mint to a pitcher of ice cold water. Try it, I promise it's incredibly refreshing. This pitcher keeps drinks warm or cold, but I love it for warmer days, keeping it in the fridge for a quick drink.

Eucalyptus Plants. This set of three canister fake eucalyptus plants just brighten up any room! Now while I love fresh eucalyptus I can't always get it year around. These will bring life to any room, bookshelf, porch or kitchen counter. Greenery really does lighten up a room!

Kid's Sunscreen Stick. Now is the time of year I stock up on these! I love these sunscreen sticks because they are small and handy. I can keep one in my purse for a quick application across the cheeks and noses of my kiddos when we're out in the sun. They are easy enough to grab a few and keep in all of the beach bags.

Women's Oversized Vintage Sunglasses. These can highly recommended to me so I snagged and pair and now I love them. I forever have a hard time finding sunglasses. So many seem to give me a tension headache - but these don't! They are light, flexible, cute and super affordable. In fact, I may grab more pairs in different colors.

Magnetic Fridge Calendar. Our Springs and Summers are BUSY. We have three kids all in travel baseball and softball. When the husband kindly asked for a fridge calendar with everyone's practice and game schedules on it last Spring - I knew it was bad. If the husband ASKS for a color coordinated schedule they you know we are busy. I love this one as it's simple and easy to clean off each month. I use these markers for it too.

Women's Military Jacket. With Spring we get warmer temps, but the mornings and evenings are still chilly {or down right cold}, so a jacket is needed! I love the look of this one! It comes in a few colors, but I really love the dirty khaki. Just something to slip over your shirt for some added warmth and style. 

Roll Up Drying Rack. As you know we are building a new house and with that comes ALL of the new accessories I need {which happens to be a lot of items}. I will have a farmhouse apron sink so this drying rack in on my list! People love them to wash dishes or even use as a cooling rack.

Vitamin C Serum. As one of my favorite podcasters Melanie Shankle says, "You only get one face". Well, if that isn't true! Taking care of our skin is ubber important. Unfortunately I think we all forget about our skin in our 20's and 30's so by the team we reach 40 we are playing catch up. A good Vitamin C serum is great for reducing age spots and sun damage while promoting collagen and elastin.

Funky Monkey Slide Sandals. I'm about to order my 4th pair of these slides. I've turned all my friends on to them as well. Each Spring/Summer I grab another pair in another color and wear them till their death. They are super affordable, come in a zillion colors and are very comfortable. 

Large Room Essential Oil Diffuser. I went to coffee at a friend's house awhile back and she had this diffuser running. The photo does not do it justice. It is so pretty in person! It also comes in a couple other colors too, but I really love this green version. It can run for up to 6 hours and fills a great big room.

Low Beach Chairs. My neighbor and I bought this pair of beach chairs and each took one a couple years back. They are perfect for beach lounging. They keep you up off the sand, but low enough to enjoy it. We also used them for the kids are many, many ball games. Easy to fold up and pack away too!

Men's & Women's No Show Socks. We can all agree that once warmer weather hits, it is also cute shoe season! I love and pretty much only wear ankle or low cut socks. I love this set because they are great for low cut booties, canvas or any other low sneaker. Comes in neutral packs, but also colors!

Boosting Eyelash Serum. Believe it or not, I've been using this over the counter eyelash serum for well over 6 months now and it actually works! I was not blessed with long lashes, so this stuff helps! I'll apply at night before bed {when I remember} and sometimes right before I put on mascara. It really does help my lashes to separate and look elongated.

Fitted Folding Table Tablecloth. I've talked this tablecloth to death in my INSIDER'S group. I just love it so much! We got rid of our old kitchen table recently, so we moved in our folding table and I immediately ordered this tablecloth so I didn't feel like I was "camping" in my own kitchen. It fits snug and tight and wipes off easily.

Food Packet Organization Bins. Nothing gets me more hyped up for Spring, than a little cleaning and organizing. I will soon have a new kitchen pantry {nothing huge, but a dedicated space!} and I want to start with a clean slate. I love these packet organizers - think packets of dry ranch seasoning, gravy mixes, individual bags of trail mix, yogurt pouches and the like. 

Loose Fit Cap Sleeve Tee. If you see me this Summer, you'll probably see me in some sort of loose fitting tee. I love the stripes and pocket on this one. Easy to dress up or dress down depending on your day. Comes in other colors and designs as well!

Corrugated Metal Plant Stands. Who is ready for Spring planting? These would look adorable on a front porch, the sidewalk leading up to your house or on a back patio. I love how they are tall {no bending over to water!} and they have a nice rustic feel to them.

CeraVe Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen with Tint. Ever wish your sunscreen didn't turn your face completely white? Yeah, me too. I have some friends who are trying this and enjoying it. There is a small tint to the sunscreen giving you a nice coverage on your face.

KAVU Rope Sling Bag. I got this bag right before club volleyball season started {I coach my daughter's team}. I wanted something to hold all the things, yet I didn't have to hold if that makes sense. It stays on my back so nice! I could easily fit my wallet, phone, snacks, medicine, tissues, Chapstick and so much more. This is also a great bag to take on vacation!

Reduce Stainless Steel Tumbler. This 40 oz tumbler mimics the popular Stanley version, but actually stays in stock! I love this periwinkle color, but it also comes in 5 other colors. Sweatproof, BPA free, dishwasher safe and keeps drinks cold for up to 34 hours!

Leather Loafer Moccasins. Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know how much I love these shoes. I pretty much tell everyone to buy them. Incredibly comfortable + super affordable, I have them in navy, but they come in a ton of other colors! They pair well with jeans for a casual look, but can also be dressed up with nicer pants.

Collage of Amazon products and photos

So which item is already on your list?

Thank you for taking the time to browse mine. I love sending you guys fun finds. And yes, I know I'm a recipe developer but every now and then I like to change things up around here and give you something fun and different.

As always, thank you for supporting my family and my blog.

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