Colourful Modern Home Design Gives Each Room Individuality

Colourful Modern Home Design Gives Each Room Individuality

Sparing yet powerful colour injections give each room of this home its own special character and individual identity, designed and visualised by Cartelle Design. The 110 square metre property, located in Ivanovo, Russia, is filled with a delicious array of painted feature walls, bright modern art and eye-catching accent furniture. Deep royal blue and spice brown create an urban hum inside the open plan living room, amidst misty grey, woodtone and monochrome accents. Plum purple paint pushes from beneath vivid red art to build drama in the master bedroom, whilst cobalt blue and a shout of yellow pair up to make a shared kids room. Sage green settles in the bathroom, around cool white marble.

A spice brown modern sofa enlivens a grey and deep royal blue living room scheme. Black and white accent pieces keep the colour combo crisp. A soft grey rug holds the elements of the lounge together as one snug zone, including the sofa, accent armchair, circular pouf and a round coffee table.

Cold concrete tiles climb a TV wall in front of the warm spice sofa. Beside the concrete TV wall, the window reveal has been clad in wood grain to match the bespoke desk there. The wood tone complements the hue of the couch upholstery, and the flooring.

Houndstooth fabric covers the swivel accent chair at the side of the lounge, in a stylish standout touch. A scatter cushion is covered in matching monochrome fabric over on the contrasting sofa to carry the aesthetic through.

Black piping around the accent chair links it with the grey floor pouf, which is also edged with black.

The living room bookshelf is a custom built unit in a royal blue and woodgrain finish. Glass doors slide closed in front of the stacks to keep the hardbacks and knick-knacks dust free.

Another bookcase is nestled between a concrete column and the window wall by the sofa. One more narrow niche is tucked away at the other window reveal around the home workspace.

The blue feature wall engulfs the room door is its wake.

From the kitchen diner end of the open living room, we see that the largest of the bookcases wraps the corner of the room. A dining table wraps two sides of the black central kitchen island with smooth wood grain. Golden dining pendant lights dangle on red electrical cords.

Four modern grey dining chairs sit along the edge of the dining island design.

A white cooker hood descends over the island, where the chef can entertain diners with culinary theatre.

The wood flooring finishes just past the dining area, replaced by hard wearing black tile in the kitchen.

The entryway into the living room heads straight for the home workspace in the window, which is framed as a room within a room.

At the core of the all black kitchen, backlit shelving fires illumination over a black marble backsplash. See more black kitchens.

Chunky black marble countertops give the kitchen base units a luxe finish. Mature indoor plants at the end of the run add texture and freeform to the strict linear visual of the kitchen.

A made-to-measure wooden coat nook, key drawer, and shoe storage rack is tucked beside a wall of mirrors.

The mirrored wall and door makes the hallway look twice its actual width, allowing for the wall and door on the opposite side of the corridor to be darkened with a smart black paint job.

A monochrome houndstooth stool sits against the black wall, linking the hall decor with the black and white houndstooth pieces that sit at home in the living room. The blue bookcase from the living room enters the end of the hallway.

In the master, black bedroom pendant lights hang long over floating bedside tables. A white platform bed is pushed up against a white marble headboard feature wall.

The marble panel is atmospherically lit around its edges.

Plum paint pushes across a gallery wall in the bedroom, creating a colourful platform for vivid red artwork. The other half of the room is completely black, and home to a wooden work desk.

The textured bedroom rug complements the shades in the bedroom accent wall.

Opposite the doorway into the bedroom, a modern chair design draws an interesting profile.

Black walls and a glowing mirror set an intense scene inside a walk-in closet.

The closet is accessed via glass sliding doors, the same doors as those that seal the large bookcase in the living room.

Backlighting makes drama of a small bookcase just outside the walk-in wardrobe.

Plum wall paint fills the gaps around wood panelling in the bathroom. Black tiles dress the lower half of the walls and flow down over the floor.

A concrete basin fits into a niche by the bathtub.

The plum paint sweeps across the ceiling too.

Spare toiletries are stored in a skinny column of shelving, making the best use of a leftover nook of space whilst also creating a streamlined perimeter.

Every inch of space has been utilised to the max inside a shared kids room.

Cobalt blue accessories colour a cosy window seat/reading nook. The colour cluster travels in a vertical line, from a blue pendant light, to a blue accent cushion, to a blue stool.

Wood and white steps climb up to the top bunk.

Blue bars outline the kids beds.

A yellow linear suspension light crosses a pine clad kids study area.

Toys peek out from storage nooks in the wardrobe design.

White marble builds a unique bathroom sink, and covers the backsplash and floor.

The shower screen ties in with the other black framed glass doors throughout the house.

A black ceiling gives the decor scheme extra weight.

Textured black panels cover the shower enclosure.

Sage green paint spills over the remaining walls and bathroom door.

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