Guide to Our Luxurious Walk In Closet

Guide to Our Luxurious Walk In Closet

A luxurious walk in closet does not have to be expensive! Today I am sharing a guide to our walk in closet that features a budget friendly closet system that was easy to install and the secret must haves that make the closet luxurious. Planning your closet dimensions, clothing needs and what accessories you want is key to designing a luxury closet. This post contains a handful of affiliate links to our closet system.

Walk-In Closet Designs For a Master Bedroom

Yesterday I shared Jim’s custom walk in closet (which is in the same space as this larger walk in closet) and many of you emailed asking where to buy the closet system. You can click on the links in that post or you can click here to head to Easyclosets website to work with a free closet designer.

Typically a house has one master bedroom but in our case, my parents have the original first floor master bedroom. When Jim moved in, we decided to expand our bedroom by turning the adjacent guest bedroom into a walk-in closet making a second floor master bedroom for us. You can see the full master bedroom walk in closet post here.

Essentially you will line the walls of your closet space with shelving, hanging rods and possibly built in drawers if you have the space.

If you are loving our white closet system and would like to create your own, click here to work with Easyclosets. It’s free!

walk in closet with island, valet rod, shelves and rods
A center island is perfect for undergarments, pj’s and socks

Our luxury closet consists of these accessory items (you can find them all here):

  1. Dedicated shoe storage
  2. Valet Rods
  3. Jewelry drawer with velvet dividers
  4. Pull out ironing board
  5. Center Island with dual side drawers (his/hers)
  6. Adjustable shelves
  7. Belt rack

How do you build a luxury closet?

You can see how we built our luxury closet (here). A closet can be more than just a couple shelves and hanging rods. The key to creating a luxury walk in closet is do prepare by writing down all your clothing needs. For example, I have a lot of shoes so I wanted to make sure a section was dedicated to shoe storage.

10 Luxurious Walk In Closet Must Haves
We used shelves close together for shoe storage

When designing your luxurious walk in closet, be sure to choose a closet system that suits your specific needs. You need to decide how many shelves for folded items and how many hanging rods you will need. Also, consider long hanging items like dresses and coats.

A valet rod (buy here) is an inexpensive closet accessory that allows you to hang your outfits and provides an organized area for outfit planning. I also hang tops to dry on my valet rod.

valet rod with orange blouse and jeans
A valet rod works perfectly for hanging your outfit

This jewelry drawer with velvet dividers is probably one of my favorite features in our closet. I never realized how much jewelry I had until I could see it all in one place. It’s so nice to have my jewelry organized and in one spot.

jewelry drawer with black velvet dividers
Jewelry drawer with black velvet divider

We specifically planned for the jewelry drawer to be the first drawer so it would be near the top shelf where I have my tiered ring and earring holder as well as extra necklaces.

The next drawer features the pull out ironing board which is amazing and so handy!

pull out ironing board walk in closet
Pull out ironing board is hidden in a flip down drawer

The ironing board folds out when needed and is hidden behind the flip down drawer.

pull out ironing board in walk in closet
The ironing board folds up easily into the drawer and pulls out when needed

Walk-in closet designs for a master bedroom

Depending on the size of your master bedroom walk in closet, I highly recommend a design that features a center island. Many designs for a master bedroom walk in closet do not feature an island and I personally love it. Each side of the island has drawers which is perfect for his and her shared closet spaces.

center island in walk in closet with drawers
Walk-In closet center island that provides drawers on both sides
walk in closet center island with drawers, hanging rods and valet rod
Walk in closet with center island featuring 2 sides of pull out drawers

For some reason I do not have a picture of our belt rack but it’s a pull out rack we attached to the side of one of the wall shelves and it slides back and forth with hooks for belts. It’s so cool! The adjustable shelves are also a nice feature because you may change your mind as to what you have folded and need more or less space. The adjustable shelves provide a lot of flexibility and will allow you to change your closet design down the road.

walk in closet with hanging rods and adjustable shelves
Stacked hanging rods are perfect for shirts and pants

Are you interested in purchasing our white closet system? You can find it here! You can find all my closet accessories here. Be sure to start your own project and click “get a free online design consult.” You will be contacted by a representative at which point you will send them your measurements of your space and they will design a closet based on your input.

Do you want to see more of our luxurious walk in closet done on a budget? Be sure to check out the before and after walk in closet as well as our closet installation post which shares all the tips and tricks of how we designed this closet space.

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