How the 2-minute rule has changed my life

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When I say this tip has been life-changing, that is not hyperbole. A few years ago, while listening to The Lazy Genius Podcast I heard about something called The 2-Minute Rule. The rule states that if you have 2 minutes, and there is a task that only takes two minutes, go ahead and do that task.

I am a person who frequently finds herself stressed out. I have a busy life, I know that. I have four kids who I homeschool, a full-time job, a husband who travels for work, and I have a lot of interests. 

It is easy for me to get overwhelmed and lost track of tasks. Then I heard about this rule. If you have 2 minutes and a task only tasks two minutes, go ahead and do that tasks. Of course this can apply to other lengths of time as well. But breaking up my day into 2-minute sections helps me feel lestt overwhelmed.

Here are some things I can do in just 2-minutes:

Clean off my bathroom counter. 

Put a load of laundry in the washing machine 

Transfer a load of laundry to the dryer

Take clothes out of the dryer

Load the dishwasher

Unload the dishwasher (or attest one rack)

Pick up the shoes in front of our shoe cubby

Take dinner out of the freezer

Return a text

Return an email

Schedule a social media post

What about you? What could you accomplish in just 2 minutes?