How to Choose Wardrobe Designs for a Small Room to Look Neat

How to Choose Wardrobe Designs for a Small Room to Look Neat

When you’re working with a small room, a minimalist wardrobe design is the most attractive. You should choose a wardrobe that will make your room look bigger. It should also have enough storage space to accommodate your clothes. It is important to make sure that the wardrobe is easy to access. There are several consideration to choose the right wardrobe designs that are suitable for a small room. First, choosing the right size is crucial. If it’s too small, you won’t be able to store all your clothes and will ruin the aesthetics of the room. On the other hand, if it’s too big, the entire room will feel clumsy. Another consideration is choosing a simple and sleek wardrobe, tall wardrobe, wardrobe with mirror, or sliding one. Even, if your room is too limited, opt for a bed with storage. This will really save space in your room. Moreover, The style of your wardrobe is also an important consideration. You should choose a wardrobe that fits to your bedroom styles.

How to choose wardrobe designs for a small room to look neat1

Open Wardrobe

If you have a small bedroom, you can try adding an open space wardrobe like the picture below. In this wardrobe section you can add hangers, storage racks and several drawers to give the wardrobe a neat and organized appearance. The choice of white in this wardrobe will give a clean and sleek impression and provide the perfect contrast to the room. Choosing a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe will also be enough to accommodate a variety of clothes and other collectibles. You can also store your shoe collection on open shelves to create a neat and uncluttered room.


Open Closet from homemydesign

Integrated with Headboard

Trying new things by adding a wardrobe to this headboard will make the room design beautiful and steal attention. The wardrobe design for the bedroom with sliding doors will be a dramatic headboard. This wardrobe idea will look chic and have the same contrast as the masculine style in this house. This design is also very suitable for you to apply to small and minimalist bedroom decorations so that it does not take up much space. Bedroom wardrobes can also include an integrated vanity unit at the head of the bed, which saves space.


Black Headboard Wardrobe from housing

Wardrobe with Mirror Accent

The next interesting idea is to add a mirror on the door of this closet, which will create the illusion of a brighter and wider room. You can try adding a mirror on the wardrobe door from the floor to the sky to produce an interesting decoration. This design is suitable for those of you who have a narrow room so that your bedroom looks wider. This all-white color scheme on the walls and furniture will also help you brighten up this small bedroom.


Mirror Door Wardrobe from shelterness

Using Curtain

The use of curtain can be options for those of you who don’t want to use door for your wardrobe designs but still want your clothes to be free from dust. Adding two-tone curtains to this wardrobe will give a different look while creating a charming room decor. The function of this curtain will help you to hide the closet clutter and will make this room look neater. You can also add hangers and some additional storage in the form of drawers and container boxes to minimize clutter in this room.


Two Tone Cutain from housebeautiful

Sliding Door Designs

You can try using sliding wardrobe doors which will create a beautiful room design. This space-saving bedroom wardrobe design will not only give you additional space in your bedroom, but also a versatile bedroom wardrobe design. This simple design looks elegant and creates the illusion of a beautiful room that steals the eye. This design is suitable for those of you who have a small bedroom so that it offers the illusion of a wide and airy space. Choosing a material from wood and adding a touch of a mirror to this door will give a different look.


Sliding Door Wardrobe from housing

Corner Wardrobe

Designing a wardrobe in the corner of this bedroom will result in a charming room decoration. Choosing a layout like this will make your room look tidier and steal the attention of many people. In this corner cabinet you can add a lamp with yellow lighting at the top to create a trendy look. This design is suitable for you to try in decorating a small bedroom and you can combine it with a beige color scheme on the walls to give a calm and warm room.


Corner Wardrobe Design from architectureartdesigns


In this bedroom choosing a versatile wardrobe design is the best choice to save space in your room. You can opt for a floor-to-ceiling bedroom wardrobe design with an extra loft storage unit that takes advantage of the vertical length of the room. This stylish wardrobe design saves a lot of space by allowing you to have versatile storage while creating a sleek and modern look. The choice of white in this wardrobe will also contrast with the color scheme of this bedroom.


Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe from housing

Opt for Bed with Storage

You can use the storage under the bed to store various clothes and a collection of hats. This unique storage will not take up much space so that the clutter in this bedroom can be minimized. You can find this cupboard easily, just lift the bed up and you will find this trendy and attractive wardrobe under the bed. In the cupboard under this bed you can add a drawer for additional storage in your closet.


Wardrobe Under Bed from homedit

Rack and Hanger Combination

Designing a bedroom wardrobe by adding shelves and hangers will make a minimalist wardrobe decoration. You can use this hanger to store various clothes, while the shelves here will make it easier for you to store your shoe collection neatly. adding additional storage in the form of container boxes and vintage suitcases will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and other equipment while in this cupboard. This gray and white color scheme will create an attractive and eye-catching room.


Rack and Hangger Wardrobe  from housebeautiful

Built-in Wardrobe

Modern built-in wardrobe designs are the ideal solution to save space. The built-in wardrobes in this small bedroom minimize the clutter in this room. This design is suitable for decorating a small room which will result in a neatly arranged room and steal the attention of many people. The clear glass front of the built-in designer wardrobe for the bedroom adds a touch of class. Lighting in the bed with a wardrobe design will also beautify your bedroom.


Bult-in Wardrobe Bedroom from housing

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