How to Repurpose Your Old Dresser

How to Repurpose Your Old Dresser

Do you have plans to buy a new dresser? Then what about your old dresser? Don’t be in a hurry to throw it away or store it in the warehouse. With a little creativity and carpentry skills, you can turn your old dresser into unique or functional piece of furniture. Repurposing old furniture is a great way to recycle or resale your furniture. Whether you’re looking for a functional piece for a room or an elegant accent, transforming your furniture is a great way to save money. Changing the shape of the dresser will make it the center of attention when you invite guests over. For example, you can repurpose your old dresser to become a bathroom vanity. You can retrofit it with a vessel sink, support brackets, and faucets. For another idea, you can invest your old dresser for entry bench. All you have to do is by adding a seat cushion and carving out one side of the dresser will turn it into a beautiful bench for your entrance. You can also use the drawers as outdoor planters, home bar, desk, wine rack, kitchen island, chair, and more. You may also decide to paint the entire new furniture a new color and stain it. You can get creative with repurposing your old dresser. By adding new functions to your old dresser is an excellent way to add style and function to your home. Here are some ideas on how to repurpose your old dresser that you can adopt.

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Change your old dresser at home to turn it into furniture that will be useful again for your home decor. For now, you can turn it into a vanity in a rustic farmhouse-style bathroom decor. No need to repaint this vanity for a more natural look and match the style used. The reflection of the yellow light that leads to the vanity gives a warm feel that you can try right now. Rustic  bathroom vanity from thespruce.


Do you need a home bar in a room of your house? If so, then you can turn the old dresser in the warehouse into a DIY home bar design that looks cheap and very easy to do. This home bar design has the main material of teak wood which has a fairly sturdy surface so that it can be used to put a few bottles of drinks that you have. You can add some writing using paint for a more unique and less boring look. DIY home bar designs from thespruce.


This standing old dresser which is repainted in deep black has a more modern appearance so that it can be recycled into a bathroom storage that has open and closed storage. You can put a clean towel in this area to make it easier for you to pick it up when needed. Don’t forget for closed storage you can add a holder. Because this standing bathroom storage has several different spaces, you can store more equipment as well as bathroom needs. Bathroom storage from thespruce.


To give a new look and purpose to your old dresser design, you can turn it into a piece of furniture that will be more useful in decorating your home. For example, you can remove the top of the dresser to add extra work desk space that is quite comfortable to use. It’s a good idea to give a new coat of paint to make it look more modern and match the style of any room. The table lamp is an interior that you must have to help with your work. Modern work desk from thespruce.


You can recycle your old furniture at home. For example, when you have an old dresser, you can turn it into a TV stand that can be placed in the living room as an addition to simple furniture. This TV stand is also perfected with open or closed storage that you can use according to your needs. Try ending it with blue paint for a bolder look and of course it can be used as a useful focal point. TV stand ideas from thespruce.


Buying an old dresser at a furniture store will save your budget for perfecting home decor. But you can make the right changes according to the furniture you need. For example, you can turn an old dresser into a bench as an additional sitting area that can be placed indoors or outdoors. Here you can add two to three throw pillows in burlap for a vintage-inspired finish. Vintage style bench from acultivatednest.


This old dresser which was renewed with clean white paint is suitable for use as a desk in your home office decoration. This desk design adds more character by turning it into furniture that is more useful and works well. One of the advantages of using this desk dresser is that it has a closed storage area that you can use as a closed storage area. Usually this storage drawer is used to store some important letters or your office needs. Home office desk design from acultivatednest.


Old dresser gives more character by painting the outer surface with a solid black color. You can remove all existing drawers so they look more open. With this, it will be easier for you to store according to the type and needs. Transparent plastic boxes are the right containers and can be used according to the amount needed. The addition of a writing label on the transparent container also makes it easier for you to search for items more effectively and efficiently. Old dresser becomes open storage from acultivatednest.


Take out your old dresser that has a size large enough to be used as the main ingredient of closet storage. This DIY storage closet doesn’t cost much because what is needed is repainting it with a color of choice such as white. This old dresser remodel into closet storage looks fantastic for organizing her belongings and adding life and a new look to the room. You can try it easily. DIY storage closet from acultivatednest.


To make the perfect furniture in your living room decoration, you can make a TV stand with the main material of wood and repainted it with plain white color. White paint has an outer surface layer that looks neutral so it can be combined with other furniture around it. You can remove the bottom drawer and fill it with a wicker basket as storage that is easy to remove and carry wherever you need it. This cut makes the old dresser look different from the original. Repaint TV stand from acultivatednest.


If you have a kitchen with limited space for storage, then recycling dressers into a wine rack is a smart idea that you can do. This wine rack is the perfect place to stack bottles of drinks. With this the bottle will be safer and avoid breaking or falling, do the bottle storage vertically. You can try this furniture idea easily and cheaply, white is always a neutral paint idea that is a favorite in every room. Old wine rack from homehacks.


If the height is right and right, recycled old dressers make excellent vanity bathrooms. After recycling the next thing you can do is repaint it in a cool bright blue. To give a different component, you can put a vase of roses blooming in quite a striking color in the corner of the countertop. With this change, the results that will be obtained are more stylish and functional. Blue paint vanity bathroom from homehacks.


Remove the bottom dresser drawer to store some shoes so they don’t fall all over the place. This storage dresser is perfect when placed in your entryways decorations so that everything can be arranged well and organized. Not only shoes that you can store in this dresser but small items that are easily lost can also be stored in the closed drawer. Do repaint when needed, you can do it as needed. DIY recycled shoe rack from homehacks.


Recycling old dressers is a great way to spend a lot of money on an eye-catching kitchen island design. You can call a handyman to add a feeding area for your pet. Its sleek appearance will give a fun and unique impression. With this, the kitchen island design will function better and optimally, this furniture is suitable for decorating kitchens that have limited space. Old kitchen island functional from homehacks.


If you don’t need another dresser, you can change it to something else. In this case, you can turn it into a DIY planter that can be repainted in plain white. This ready-made planter can be filled with soil and planted with a variety of different types of greenery. The final result, which is supported by repainting, can produce a modern and minimalist theme, place it in your backyard garden to get enough sunlight. Repaint planter from homehacks.


Look at your old dresser which is repainted in plain white, doesn’t it look awesome. You can add a pet feeding area in the bottom drawer to make it more functional. In addition, the outer appearance of this dresser is also equipped with beautiful carvings that add to the impression of luxury but not too much. Perform regular cleaning and maintenance for a cleaner finish. Pet feeding area from thisoldhouse.


Do you need additional seating area? If so, then you can use an old dresser that is recycled into a single chair that gives a classic appearance. But it’s a good idea to add a cushion in the seating area to make it more soft and comfortable when in use. Two throw pillows that are placed on the chair are complements that you can use as well. The blue paint that is applied is the right choice. Old dresser becomes chair from thisoldhouse.


To give it a new look and purpose, turning an old dresser into a craft island is a very clever creative idea. This craft island is equipped with a hook on the side surface so it can also be used as an open storage idea. Because this furniture is made of teak wood so it is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Wooden stools with matching colors become a sitting area that can be used for maximum comfort when you make a craft. Wooden island craft from thisoldhouse.


Kitchen cabinets with the main ingredients of this old dresser make your furniture cheaper. With this, the money spent is not much so it is very on budget. You can add a rattan wicker basket as a fruit storage container to make it look neater and not scattered everywhere. A series of blooming flowers that are applied in a mason jar will be the right decoration that is able to give a fragrant aroma to the room while making the kitchen cabinet more beautiful. Vintage kitchen cabinets from thisoldhouse.


You can reuse this old wooden dresser with sturdy teak wood as furniture that is more useful indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget to repaint with the color of your choice, red is a bold color idea that you can use. Each drawer can be planted with different types of green plants. The white handprint is the final pattern that you can use in larger quantities. Bold planter with handprint pattern from thisoldhouse.

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