If you have a small apartment, you may struggle with storing and arranging your belongings in a limited amount of space, but you don’t have to get rid of your stuff

If you have a small apartment, you may struggle with storing and arranging your belongings in a limited amount of space, but you don’t have to get rid of your stuff

Instead, you can free up space through some nifty tips meant to prevent you from having to dispose of your possessions. In fact, after pairing space-saving furniture with some simple design tricks, you’ll have more storage and your apartment might appear larger. Here are four space-saving furniture tips for smaller apartments.

1. Think about height versus width

You can follow simple interior design tricks to make your smaller apartment appear larger. Floor-to-ceiling curtains, for example, can make your ceilings appear taller. Even if your window isn’t high on your wall, you can install a rod near the ceiling and drape the window with floor-length curtains. Not only does this decor trick make your room look more stylish, but floor-to-ceiling curtains can subtly make your eyes travel more – and thus make your apartment appear larger – than some regular window roller shades or blinds.

You can also use design elements to make your rooms look larger by focusing on your walls, not just your windows. Place your picture frames high on your wall to draw attention upwards, and pair this wall art with lamps or LED lights to create a cool uplighting effect (lights projecting upwards) to enhance your room’s lighting with a pillar-like effect. This lighting trick, often used for weddings, creates vertical lines that can make your room appear more spacious.

2. Go double-duty

You can store your belongings and have more places to sit with multifunctional furniture that comes with built-in storage space. Storage ottomans, storage benches, storage beds, and storage couches are all useful for creating more storage in living room and bedroom spaces. Additionally, upholstered coffee tables with cushioned tops can double as a seat while also offering additional storage space.

3. Set boundaries

To make a studio apartment, in particular, look bigger (since studios don’t clearly delineate between separate rooms), organize furniture by use. You’ll also save space and reduce clutter this way. 

You should always place foyer furniture, such as a shoe rack and coat rack, by the front door for a space-maximizing appearance. If your living room and bedroom share the same space, you can push your couch to the foot of your bed while keeping your living room and bedroom items separate. No matter the room boundaries you set, as long as you stick to them, you can enjoy a tidy apartment that happens to look bigger too.

4. Decorate in light colors

Your apartment’s color scheme can play a big role in how spacious it looks. Generally, walls and furniture in lighter colors make rooms appear larger. That’s because taking in lighter colors requires that your eyes travel more—in short, rooms appear larger when they have fewer color boundaries. 

You can decorate your apartment using a range of light shades within one color or complementary lighter colors for accent pieces. If you want a quick way to enlarge your apartment, you can get bedsheets and a nice couch slipcover in lighter colors.

Do you have any space-saving furniture tips for smaller apartments? Sound off in the comments!

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