If you’re a crafter, then you know how quickly craft supplies can take over your craft room! And we know how difficult it can be to organize your craft room

If you’re a crafter, then you know how quickly craft supplies can take over your craft room! And we know how difficult it can be to organize your craft room

That’s why we rounded up the best craft room organization ideas from around the web! These craft room organizing ideas will help you organize paper, pens, vinyl, craft paper, sticker and more!

18 Craft Room Organization Ideas

Craft Closet

If you don’t have a room you can dedicate for your craft items, then a craft closet is a dream come true. This craft closet designed with the Elfa system from the Container Store is perfect to store everything and also be able to see it at a glance!

Mixed with a few cheap and easy organization tools like an over the door hanger, magnetic spice rack, and plastic shoe boxes, you can easily organize your craft closet! 

Tip & Image Credit: The Container Store


This simple and affordable Ikea trash bag holder is perfect for storing your Oracal Vinyl & Heat Press Vinyl. Not only is it a space saver by making the most of vertical space, but you also get to see your inventory without having to rummage around to find what you’re looking for. Not only that, but your beautiful vinyl helps create a decor vibe to your craft room for free!

Tip & Image Credit: Sweet Red Poppy

Vinyl Roll Organizer

Having a cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut is definitely one of the most helpful crafting tools, but organizing the vinyl is not always easy. There are many ways to organize Oracal and HTV, but this vinyl storage tower is definitely my favorite! It holds up to 72 rolls and is perfect to hold all your vinyl!

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All in One Storage Solution

If an all in one solution is what you’re looking for then this Ikea Kallax solution is absolutely perfect for scrapbooking fanatics. Seriously, one can’t have an organizational post without including an Ikea product! This is actually 2 of Ikea’s Kallax shelves stacked on top of the other! 

I think this idea is brilliant because the shelves come in different sizes so you’re not short on options to personalize your storage solution to fit your space just right. 

Tip & Image Credit: Stamp n Storage

Craft Paper Organizer

Crafters love paper, but it can easily take over your craft room! But not with this craft paper organizer! Organize your craft paper just like the craft stores with this construction paper storage organizer! 

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Pen Organizer

I’m a pen girl and I must say, I’m obsessed with this pen organizer! Imagine organizing your calligraphy pens, markers, felt tips and more in this one easy to use pen organizer! Grab it here! 

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Make Space for Paint

I love what Houseful of Handmade did here! She used scraps of wood that she had in her garage and turned them into this gorgeous way to display Mod Podge, acrylic paint, and her collection of spray paints. Doesn’t this display just scream organized? It’s inviting and makes you want to get your paint on!

If you don’t have scraps of wood in your garage then another idea is to use towel rods and a floating shelf. The shelf is where your paints will rest and the towel rods will keep everything from falling off the shelf.

Tip & Image Credit: Houseful of Handmade did here!

Craft Storage Rolling Cart

No craft room is complete without a rolling cart, and these two are my favorite! First up is the rolling storage cart with drawers. This is perfect for storing craft paper, vinyl, stickers, paint, pens, tape, punches, you name it! And I love how this one is extra wide, making the top a great place to work! 

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Then theres the rolling cart made specifically for crafters! It’s just a regular rolling cart, but this one has extra hooks and a pegboard to hang all your craft supplies! This would be perfect to use for sewing supplies or paint supplies! 

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Pretty and Practical Twine Holder

This DIY created to store bakers twine is so cute, don’t you think? If you’re looking to get all of your twine organized then pop on over to have a look at how to make this DIY. It was affordable and doesn’t it look like it cost more than $12.46 to make?! If you don’t use twine in your crafts you can use it for small spools of yarn, ribbon, washi tape and so much more!

Tip & Image Credit: Damask Love

Use a pegboard

Another great use of vertical space is this pegboard wall. Not only does the wall look cute it also houses so many of this family’s craft supplies. From paints, to twine, to construction paper, and scissors – you can have it all organized and easy to find. 

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Organizing Paint

Organizing paint in your craft room can not only be practical but a gorgeous statement peice! I love how Sugar Bee Crafts made this fun paint organizer. With just a few wire baskets and creativity she made this paint organizer to hold all of her acrylic paint. And this would be so easy to replicate in your own craft room! 

Tip & Image Credit: Sugar Bee Crafts

Keep Fabric Organized

We all have different craft hobbies, and one we haven’t mentioned yet is sewing. If you are an avid seamstress then this tip is for you! What do do with overflowing bits of fabric? You hang them!

This craft room organizing ideas ensures that the fabric stays crease free all while allowing you to easily view what you have. Not only that, but this space saving method gives you a chance to shop for more beautiful material since there will be space for it all! 

Tip & Image Credit: House of Six

Washi Wheel Storage

This beautiful washi wheel was created using an embroidery hoop. This way of storing, and displaying your washi tape is another double whammy! Not only do you get storage but you get to hang this up and have it double as art. It’s quite genius if you ask me and a colorful addition to your craft room walls. 

Tip & Image Credit: Amber Simmons

Washi Tape Storage Box

If you would rather keep your washi tape stored in a safe box, this Washi tape storage box is just what you need! It has 4 removable trays and holds so much washi tape! Grab yours here!

Craft Supplies Caddy

Sometimes you just want to take your craft supplies on the go. Or you may just want to keep your most used craft supplies easy to reach. So why not use a craft storage organizer from Idesign. This one is my favorite because it comes in lots of colors and has a ton of room for paint, paintbrushes, markers, pens, scissors and more! Grab your favorite color here! 

More Fabric Organization 

Another beautiful looking craft space comes to you by way of these fabric organizers. They were created to fit in storage containers and on shelves easily. Being organized isn’t just about keeping things in a designated place but also making it work for you. By having your fabric organized in such a manner you can get what you need, when you need it. Thus having more time to devote to your craft than to putting things away.

Tip & Image Credit: Girl Inspired

Repurpose some items

Repurposing items is a great way to make the most of what you already have. If you are a coffee lover then you may already have a K-cup holder at home. If not, then you can grab one here! As well as some condiment cups to create your own storage organizer. 

This baby won’t go in your kitchen, but will find its home in your craft room! Display your small craft supplies here! 

Tip & Image Credit: The Crafty Pickle

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