Meermin’s Spring Final Sale, Orient Bambino Small Seconds Sale, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

Meermin’s Spring Final Sale, Orient Bambino Small Seconds Sale, & More – The Thurs. Men’s Sales Handful

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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out.


Meermin: Up to 40% off Spring FINAL Sale

Meermin handful 5423

Just a warning that all of these are final sale. So no returns. (Meermin’s usual return process is already clunky and expensive, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) And more than a few of us have found some Meermin shoes and boots to be uncomfortable. Buyer beware for first timers. Would honestly steer clear if you have no direct positive experience with them. Sizes are super scattered depending on model and color.


Amazon: White Dial Orient Bambino Small Seconds is (actually) in stock and on sale – $178.91 ($235)

And on sale. When did it get so bloody hard to get an Orient Bambino… ANY Orient Bambino on sale at Amazon? Prices have skyrocketed. And more often than not you’re better off going direct through the brand. Not this time though. Until they sell out again. The small seconds is one of, if not the classiest watch Orient has come out with. Everything you’d expect from a Bambino. Simple dial. Domed crystal. And here, that perfectly proportioned and placed small seconds sub dial. White dial variant is shown above, while a full review of the champagne dial can be found here.


adidas: Up to 40% off for adiClub Members Week

adidas handful 5423

One of those “you have to create an account with our website” deals. So yes, you have to sign up with an email address and password. But that’s not too big of a barrier for most. Discounts are set to end today, 5/4/22.


Spier & Mackay: 10% – 15% off select w/ code SPIER

Spier handful 5423

It’s honestly one of the odder, limited selections of goods they’ve put up for any kind of discount. It’s promoted as their Anniversary Sale, and maybe they’ll add more to it, but for now it’s… not a lot to look at. Which is understandable! Spier is already one of the best values in menswear. Just don’t want you to get your hopes up as you click over. Again though, they could add more.


Nordstrom Rack: (some) New arrivals from Nordstrom

Nordstrom Rack handful 5423

Nordy Rack is promoting “New Arrivals from Nordstrom!” and then when you click on the page it’s… like… two pages. And that’s it. Mostly shoes. Not a lot going on, but some eyebrow raisingly decent items. Those New Balance sneakers are weird. But they’ve been a weird hit for plenty. For the sunglasses, those seem to come and go. They’re back… for now. And you can catch a mini review of them in our best sunglasses under $100 post.


Also worth a mention:

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