Nordstrom Up to 40% off Spring 2020 Sale – Men’s Style Picks

Nordstrom Up to 40% off Spring 2020 Sale – Men’s Style Picks

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Up to 40% off – Nordstrom Spring Sale
Surprise. It’s another sale from Nordstrom. Just a few days back, there was under 1000 items in their sale section. Now? 6300+.

Still nowhere near the frequency of other retailers or brands, but Nordstrom HAS been ramping up their sales in recent times. And that’s a good thing for those of us who love Nordstrom. Of all the department stores out there, Nordstrom might be the only one that not just gets it right, but gets it REALLY right. Great 3rd party selection, a huge variety of goods at various prices, and the free shipping and free returns always helps. Let’s do this.

adidas UltraBoost 20 Running Shoe – $126 – $135 ($180)

Many of you guys lose your darn minds over these things. Lots of colors and sizes. (I think adidas was running short on some sizes? Not so at Nordstrom, at least at post time.) According to our man Jason: Cushion for days, and a tightly knitted single-piece upper provides form-fitting comfort without being constricting. My favorite sneaker for running errands or simply running. There might not be a better time to hit the pavement for a jog.

The North Face Arrowood TriClimat Waterproof 3-In-1 Jacket – $149.25 ($199)

It’s three, Three, THREE JACKETS IN ONE. A shell, a fleece, and when combined it becomes a fleece lined shell. Kinda bad-arse looking for it being, y’know, a pretty simple design.

Made in Italy Good Man Brand Legend Sneakers – $138.60 ($198)

High quality stuff, but not a super trendy designer name, so these are reasonably affordable for most. An investment, sure, but not absurdly priced either. Handmade in Tuscany.

Bonobos Slim Fit Plaid Unconstructed Wool Blazer – $337.50 ($450)

The newest color/pattern added for spring to the Bonobos unconstructed Italian hopsack wool lineup.

Cole Haan Signature Raincoat – $138.75 ($298)

A blue mac is so simple. Most of us over-complicate thinking about it, and think it’s too simple. And then after we try all the trenches and parkas and other things (some of which are very much mentioned in this sale)… we come back to the simple blue mac. Because it looks great.

Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical NATO Strap Watch, 38mm – $408.75 ($545)

Somehow missed this one yesterday in the Hamilton sale steal alert. The definition of a field watch. 38mm, manual wind, easy to read, basic, earth tones. There it be.

Made in Italy Good Man Brand Edge Sneaker – $138.60 ($198)

Was on sale for $148 during the 25% off site-wide sale. Now, an additional ten bucks off. I love Good Man Brand stuff. Made in Italy.

Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Stretch Wool Jacket & Matching Pants – $412.50 ($550)

Are Spier and Mackay and/or Suitsupply higher quality? I would argue that they are. But y’know what these Bonobos suits have going for them that Spier and Suitsupply don’t? They’re sold as separates. So you pick the jacket size, you pick the pant size, and when they show up you can very possibly wear them without heading to a tailor. Many guys appreciate that simplicity. Part of their price matching policy, being that Bonobos is having a 25% off site wide sale at present.

Johnston & Murphy Melton Oxford in Italian Calfskin – $133.99 ($179)

The not quite as fortunate man’s Park Avenues. The JM Melton has long been considered to be one of the better entry-level Goodyear Welted dress shoes, yet there have been some concerns when it comes to overall quality in the last few years. Also, you have to be careful which color of leather you go with. The black and burgundy options are so smooth and shined up that they look like plastic. Don’t get those. This lighter tan Italian Calfskin? Looks pretty darn good! Those actually have some depth and marbling to the leather. A conservative toe + overall silhouette won’t ruffle any feathers, but some more adventurous types might find em’ a tad boring. Solid feeling and comfortable out of the box.

Nordstrom Tech-Smart Trim Fit Stretch Herringbone Dress Shirt – $34.75 ($69.50)

From their tech smart line. Subtle herringbone pattern for a little visual texture. Extremely well reviewed. 81% cotton, 12% polyester, 7% spandex.

Nike Air Tailwind – $59.98 ($100)

Retro + Monochrome = all kinds of right.

Barbour Heritage Liddesdale Regular Fit Quilted Jacket – $120 ($200)

For those of us who are a little less puffer, and a little more classic quilted. This one is the bee’s knees.

Ray-Ban 54mm Sunglasses – $63.98 ($128)

Half off? Nice. That’s a Nordstrom RACK kinda price. And unlike Nordy Rack, these ship and return for free. Design is on point too. Somehow they’re modern, yet also timeless. Tough to pull that trick off.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Packable Jacket – $149.25 ($199)

Post consumer recycled-nylon shell. Thermoball insulation. No hood here. Stand collar. A favorite for plenty.

The North Face ThermoBall Eco Vest – $111.75 ($149)

Annnnnnnnnd the vest version. Sun’s out guns out! Don’t do that. Don’t wear a quilted vest over your otherwise naked torso. That’s just unedifying.

Made in Italy Good Man Brand Wool Blend Sportcoat – $298 ($498)

This looks highly, highly similar to a wool blend Good Man Brand sportcoat that I own. Is it a little boxy? Yeah a little. Do I wear it all the time? Yes. I wear it all the time. I love it. 59% wool, 27% nylon, 14% viscose.

Cole Haan American Classics Gramercy Whole Cut Shoe – $159.90 ($300)

Reasonably affordable whole-cut shoes. From their “American Classics” collection which is made in… China. Brilliant!

Bonobos Plaid Slim Fit Wool & Cotton Knit Sport Coat – $300 ($400)

Knit, but with much, much more polish and panache than a sweatshirt like sportcoat. 51% wool and 49% cotton.

TISSOT Automatic III 40mm Watch – $329.98 ($500)

All kinds of right for a simple, do everything dress watch. 40mm = size wearable by most of us. Swiss made. Nice texture on the dial.

Barbour Lowerdale Regular Fit Quilted Vest – $107.98 ($180)

In the face of all the high-tech puffers, Barbour keeps making their heritage, quilted, not so puffy outerwear. And that’s more than just fine.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Albany Commuter Briefcase – $359.98 ($450)

They call it slim and navy, but it looks like it can expand and it’s true blue to me. Not cheap. But that’s Tumi stuff for you.

Reiss Caster Topcoat with Removable Bib – $350 ($545)

Was really hoping the exterior would be a lightweight, water resistant wool, but… ’tis not. 70% polyester, 30% viscose. That’s understandable though. Wool mac jackets are SUPER hard to find. Anyway, the bib on this thing is REMOVABLE. That’s beyond great. Why many brands stitch the darn things in there is beyond me. Why limit a jacket’s use like that? This one can be worn for… half the year? 3/4 of the year? Depends on where you live of course.

Timex Red Wing Chrono – $119.25 ($159)

One of the watches that Timex made, signaling their return to the status of desirability. This thing showed Timex wasn’t just gonna be relegated to Ironman workout use, and the odd slip-thru weekender wear. Bold dial. Domed crystal. And the best part is the thick leather strap, sourced from the Red Wing shoes tannery in Minnesota. This watch, weirdly, is getting increasingly difficult to find… especially on sale.

Johnston & Murphy Daley Medallion Toe Oxford – $125.99 ($169)

The not quite as fortunate man’s AE Strands? Three colors. Kinda liking that burgundy option. Sheepskin lined. Could be affordable winners.

The North Face Venture II Raincoat – $74.25 ($99)

In a world where no one can agree on anything, and people pick fights like it’s some legitimate way to raise their own self-worth in the face of the uncomfortable truth that really none of this matters… this jacket has 4.5/5 stars after 100+ reviews. So yeah. You might now have an existential crisis (get in line, Skip), but you could also have a really great jacket!

Frye Holden Slim Leather Briefcase – $226.80 ($378)

Nice bag. Ha Ha Business.

The North Face Recon Backpack – $59.40 ($99)

NOT very businessy! Unless you work in a super dressed-down workplace? Ha Ha… casual business!

Wild & Wolf Brick Wall Soap Trio – $9.00 ($15)

Brick wall SOAP? Immediate purchase. First, it ships free. Second, soap isn’t super easy to come by right now (thanks, panic buying buttheads). Third, it’s brick. wall. soap. I mean, how very… of this website. Perfect for standing in front of for fit shots!

Nordstrom Grayson Waterproof Chukka Boot – $77.96 ($129.95)

Made in Italy, believe it or not. Waterproof too. Not bad for a basic, do anything, gray suede chukka.

Bonobos Slim, Athletic, or Tailored (super slim) Washed Stretch Chinos – $73.50 ($98)

The flagship pant of one Bonobos. More price matching here, since Bonobos is currently running a 25% off site wide sale.

Stretch Weekday Warrior Slim Fit Dress Pants – $73.50 ($98.50)

A little smoother and a little more put-together than the slightly casual washed option. Better for the work week. Thirteen, yes THIRTEEN colors to pick from.

Nordstrom Trim Fit Comfort Blazer – $89.40 ($149)

There will come a time, soon, where your motivation to do any sort of personal or professional work will hit a wall. And you’ll look down at your sweatpants and old replica football jersey and think… “mneh, whatever.” Stop. Put on some real pants. Put on a t-shirt or polo or OCBD. And put this thing on. It’ll help. A ton of people are flat out mailing it in right now, and that’s understandable. But if you choose to not, you’re gonna come out swinging on the other side, and light years ahead of the pajamas on the couch in front of Netflix crowd.

adidas SST Track Jacket – $44.98 ($75)

Wear one of these jackets with some chinos and Stan Smiths, and you have a great Athleisure outfit to wear while you work from your home office. $52 direct through adidas. Noticeably less at Nordstrom.

1901 Regular Fit Military Jacket – $59.40 ($99)

Obviously military inspired. Budget price. Ships and returns for free like everything else.

L.B.M. 1911 Trim Fit Cotton & Silk Sport Coat – $476.98 ($795)

How much? And it’s mainly cotton? That’s LBM for you. But guys who like this brand don’t just like it, they love it. 93% cotton, 7% silk. Made in Italy.

Timex Marlin 40mm Automatic Watches – $186.75 ($245)

Four models, and these are the automatic version. Not the manual wind. Which also means they’re bigger than the teeny manual wind (which clocks in at a diminutive 34mm). 40mm here.

Cole Haan Waterproof Wakefield Grand Chelsea Boot –  $119.98 ($240)

Chelsea Boots? On THIS site? You don’t say. Now down to $120. Waterproof too.

adidas Originals Adicolor Tartan Track Pants – $53.98 ($90)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeahhh. I have experience with these. And they’re tremendous. Just size large at post time though.

Bonobos Tailored Fit Oxford Stretch Chinos – $73.50 ($98)

AKA their oxleys. Oxford cloth. Like a shirt. Only cut in pant form. Just tailored (super slim) fit though? These things are terrific in the spring and summer.

Nordstrom Brock Plain Toe Derby – $74.96 ($124.95)

Plain Jane? Yes. But attractive enough that “Jane” is almost certainly gonna say “nice shoes.” Perfect for business casual or smart casual. Something in-between sneakers and oxfords.

Barbour Flyweight Chelsea Quilted Jacket – $137.98 ($230)

That dog’ll hunt. Would look equally at home in the city as it would in some wooded mountain town

John W. Nordstrom Classic Fit Check Wool Sport Coat – $224.55 ($499)

100% wool exteriors. Fully lined. Made in Mexico. Pretty wheelhouse stuff from their nicer, in-house brand “John W. Nordstrom.”

adidas Utility Carryall Tote Bag – $38.98 ($65)

Tactical… tote? Tactletote!

The North Face City Breeze Rain Parka – $135 ($185)

Li-AM Li-AM Li-AM! Fishtail style here.

Cole Haan ‘Colton’ Chukka Boot – $149.90 ($250)

It ain’t a Nordstrom Sale Party until these things show up. Death, taxes, and these blue accented Cole Haan chukkas get marked down. Here we are again. Very, very well reviewed. Storm welt. Blue panels at the top and grip on the sole.

Nordstrom Fox Stripe 3-Pack Socks – $17.98 ($30)

Fox Socks. Say that five times fast. Cotton here, not wool.

Trask Sutton Slim Briefcase – $269.98 ($450)

I know nothing of the brand “Trask”, but a lot of their stuff/shoes happens to be on sale with Nordstrom right now. This bag is an example of that! Also available in a tan, grain Bison leather, if that’s more your thing. The tan grain bison is what’s shown at center, at the very very top of this post. 

North Face ThermoBall Eco Hooded Parka – $131.98 ($220)

Hugely popular and for good reason(s). They’re lightweight, they’re warm, and they’re made from water repellent recycled nylon. They’re also tough to find on sale. Has a “this is weatherproof, come at me sleet” gloss.

Hamilton “Murph” 42mm Automatic – $746.25 ($995)

These and all the other Hamiltons below were mentioned yesterday, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these sale prices, or the stock, evaporate sooner rather than later. Feels like a short-time price matching thing, as opposed to part of the bigger Spring Sale as a whole. For those who appreciate science (and/or science fiction). For fans of the movie Interstellar. It’s “a faithful recreation of the watch that appeared in the movie on the wrist of main character Murph. With the word ‘Eureka’ printed in Morse code in lacquer on the seconds hand.” Terrific. More info on this watch can be found here.

Hamilton 40mm Khaki Field King Auto. Bracelet Watch – $446.25 ($595)

I know it’s not quite the same, but this is a really, really nice, “affordable” (but plenty expensive to many of us) alternative to the Rolex Explorer. The Rolex will cost you… $6550. Which is nuts. This? Not even $450. Still Swiss made with an automatic movement and fine finishing. Cool. Look, I’m sure the Rolex is spectacular, but… most of us will take the Hamilton and the extra $6100 cash. “Nice watch! Is that a Rolex?” “Nope.” “What is it?” “Solvency.”

Hamilton 40mm Khaki Field King Auto – $408.75 ($545) | 38mm Khaki Field $431.25 ($575)

And now the leather strap version, and it’s dayless (but still date equipped) kid brother.

Hamilton Intra-matic Auto Chrono in “Panda” – $1,646.25 ($2,195)

Again, while Nordstrom’s 25% off full-price sale has come and gone, these somehow remain at 25% off. I’m guessing it’s a price match on ANOTHER retailer price-matching Nordy’s now expired 25% off sale. Got that? So there’s a bit of a double-secret-agent thing going on here. Still, 25% off. You get it. For now. Although I don’t recall the “Panda” option getting the 25% off before, but it is now!

Hamilton American Classic Automatic 40mm Chronograph Leather Strap Watch – $1,646.20 ($2195)

A rare model, that’s not on sale at many if any gray market dealers yet, and here you’d get it from an authorized dealer. So yeah. Warranty and all that.

The Nordstrom Spring Sale ends on 4/13… but like I said about the Hamilton watches, don’t be surprised if some of these prices expire earlier because Nordstrom is price matching another brand/retailer, and that source’s promotion comes to an end. Did we miss something? I’m sure we did. Feel free to send those tips into
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