Resolving to Be More Organized in the New Year? Start By Installing One of These Freestanding Closets

Resolving to Be More Organized in the New Year? Start By Installing One of These Freestanding Closets

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It’s one thing to have the intention of becoming more organized and a whole other thing actually to put it into practice. Coming up with a way to get rid of randomly strewn clothes once and for all requires a good strategy. A good closet clean-out and these closet organization ideas are always a solid place to start. But if your biggest issue is that you have a shortage, or complete absence of closet space, investing in one of the best freestanding closets may be the easiest way to put yourself on the path to organizational bliss.

It’s worth noting that the benefits of being organized and tidy aren’t solely about seeing less of your belongings lying around the house. Being organized can actually help reduce stress, help you sleep better, and increase productivity. Before we take a look at some of the best options available online, let’s look at how to make a freestanding closet as impactful as possible in your conquest for neatness. 

Benefits of Choosing a Freestanding Closet

Even if you already have a built-in closet or a wardrobe in your home, adding a freestanding closet to your setup may still provide additional space to really get organized. Here are some of the reasons to consider shelling out for a standalone closet:

  • Budget Friendly – Unlike installing a built-in closet, a freestanding wardrobe closet is usually the more budget-friendly answer. It’s also far easier, too. Simply measure the available space, find a suitably sized closet online, and have your new freestanding closet system delivered to your door and ready to install in days.
  • Temporary – Unlike built-in closets, the best freestanding closets can be as temporary or as permanent as you need them to be. This is ideal if you’re moving into a dorm or rented accommodation with no available closet space.
  • Expandable – Many of the best freestanding closets can adjust to your storage needs. Not enough space? Simply expand one side of the closet and increase your hanger space in a matter of minutes.
  • Portable – In addition to being more temporary than other closet options, a freestanding closet is often more portable, too. This means you can move them between rooms or houses in one piece or even take them down completely and put them back up without any issues.

Below you’ll find our top 13 picks for the best freestanding closets available from all of the top retailers online. We’ve included options in a range of different styles and sizes, as well as at varying price points, too. In short, we’ve got a freestanding closet organizer to fulfill every household’s needs.

best freestanding closets vipek v6


1. VIPEK V6 Wire Garment Rack Freestanding Closet

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of storage space your closet brings to your room, this VIPEK V6 Wire Garment Rack Freestanding Closet should be calling you. With four hanging racks and multiple built-in shelves, this closet has enough space to house, hang, or even adapt to your specific storage needs. Its heavy-duty metal construction gives it a high-quality feel, while the adjustable design means the closet can also be arranged in an L shape. In addition, this popular option is available in either gold, silver, black, bronze, or white and comes backed by over 4,500 five-star customer ratings.

best freestanding closets room essentials


2. Room Essentials Freestanding Closet

With its $50 price tag, the Room Essentials Freestanding Closet is the budget-friendly answer for storing garments, folded clothing and accessories. The durable steel piece features a contemporary look, multiple storage sections, and an open design, meaning it’s capable of fitting in with a range of decor styles and accommodating a range of clothing, from shirts and pants to shoes and accessories. Furthermore, if you want to store different items, this versatile closet can easily be housed in other places, such as a dorm or laundry room.

best freestanding closets whitmor double rod


3. Whitmor Double Rod Closet System

While the Whitmor Double Rod Closet System may not be the most attractive furniture piece on our list, it is one of the most functional and budget-friendly options. Alongside the dual hanging bars, this user-friendly storage space includes four large wire shelves, a raised foot rack, and a top shelf that spans the entire length of the closet. The system’s simple construction makes it particularly suitable for use in other rooms of the house, such as a basement, laundry room, or garage.

best freestanding closets songmics non woven


4. SONGMICS Non-Woven Fabric Portable Closet

While most freestanding closets are made with portability in mind, that doesn’t mean some aren’t more portable than others. Leading the way in portability is this SONGMICS Non-Woven Fabric Portable Closet. Tapered pipe ends make the assembly process particularly quick, in addition to requiring no additional tools. The closet features a moveable hanging rod and fabric shelving. The design also includes shelves and a fabric cover, meaning it’s fully covered while remaining surprisingly lightweight.

best freestanding closets homfa


5. Homfa Closet Rack 3-in-1 Metal Hall Tree Closet

The Homfa Closet Rack 3-in-1 Metal Hall Tree Closet provides users with more places to store things by including hanging hooks, a designated shoe rack, and a sturdy roof. The hooks are ideal for hanging hats and jackets, while the sturdy top shelf is well suited to seasonal items or things that are worn on a less regular basis. The closest is also available in either dark or rustic brown and comes supplied with all tools and instructions required for assembly.

best freestanding closets yamazaki


6. Yamazaki Free Standing Clothing Rack

With its modern yet compact design, the Yamazaki Free Standing Clothing Rack has space for a limited amount of shoes, shirts, and jackets. The minimalist yet versatile design makes it a great option for small bedrooms, dorm rooms, or entryways. Construction-wise, the rack features a steel frame with a solid wood rod across the top. Plus, it’s available in either white or black and comes with a number of furniture pairing ideas on West Elm’s website.

best freestanding closets amazon basics expandable


7. Amazon Basics Expandable Metal Organizer

With more than 13,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users, the Amazon Basics Expandable Metal Organizer is one of the best-reviewed options on our list. People love the closet’s industrial-style design, which, paired with its ability to expand when required, makes it a functional and stylish answer to any storage conundrum. The closet is also supplied with plastic slip sleeves to give additional shelf coverage if desired. Meanwhile, the black, bronze, and chrome color options allow for a level of room-specific coordination.

best freestanding closets wayfair basics


8. Wayfair Basics Closet System Starter Kit

The Wayfair Basics Closet System Starter Kit boasts a durable metal frame, adjustable shelves, and an adjustable width. This durability and versatility make it a solid option for adding storage space to any bedroom, garage, attic, or basement. It has also received over 2,500 five-star ratings from Wayfair customers and includes two clothes rails and eight shelves, giving you space for all kinds of garments and other items, such as shirts, shoes, blankets, and storage boxes.

best freestanding closets latitude run damius


9. Latitude Run Damius Closet System Starter Kit

Whether you’re looking to add storage space to your bedroom, walk-in closet, basement, or garage, this Latitude Run Damius Starter Kit is a great place to start. The closet system combines a solid metal frame with manufactured shelves to deliver a wealth of storage space with a stylish aesthetic. Space-wise, the closet has five individual shelves alongside two hanging garment racks. It also sports an open space on top of the unit, which is ideal for garments or belongings you use less regularly. Furthermore, the closet is available in either brown, espresso, or black.

best freestanding closets honey can do rustic


10. Honey Can Do Rustic Z-Frame Wardrobe

For something a little more visually appealing than your average freestanding closet, consider the Honey Can Do Rustic Wardrobe. Its Z-shaped frame and rustic styling make this freestanding closet more eye-catching and worthy of being displayed than many of its competitors. But don’t worry, it hasn’t sacrificed storage space to achieve these goals, as the dual hanging rods and multiple shelves ensure it stays as functional as it is good looking.

best freestanding closets honey can do metal


11. Honey Can Do Metal Freestanding Open Closet

The Honey Can Do Metal Freestanding Open Closet is made for people who like keeping things simple. While some may find the minimalist appearance somewhat neglected, others will find it freeing as it provides quick access to items while delivering a hint of unique style in the process. This durable home addition features a hanging rod and four vertical shelves. In addition, the matte white finish is quick and easy to clean.

best freestanding closets honey can do


12. Honey Can Do Clothes Storage Wardrobe

Unlike most options on our list, this Honey Can Do Clothes Storage Wardrobe includes drawers. Together with hanging rods and internal shelf space, these covered drawers ensure you have the right kind of space to store almost any kind of clothing, such as folded shirts, pants, shoes, or accessories. Another handy feature of this popular closet is its breathable fabric covering, which keeps things out of sight while protecting them from mustiness and dust.

best freestanding closets urban outfitters


13. Urban Outfitters Freestanding 5-Tier Shelf

If you want a temporary place to store your clothes, or just require shelf space without the need for hanging items, this Urban Outfitters Freestanding Shelf may work for you. The five-tier unit includes a space underneath for housing shoes, along with an open top shelf that can store taller items. It’s also crafted from engineered wood and has a natural and white appearance, so it is as stylish as it is functional. This versatile shelf can display other trinkets or books if you don’t need the whole thing for storing clothing.

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