Simple DIY Furniture Projects Based On Cool Design Concepts

Simple DIY Furniture Projects Based On Cool Design Concepts

There are some seriously cool DIY furniture projects just waiting to happen so today were going to start with some of the simplest ones. Of course, thats not to say theyre not ingenious and interesting. One detail that ties them all together is the fact that they can be approached by anyone, even total beginners in the world of DIY projects and furniture building. Lets now check them out one by one and find out more about them.

As a cat owner, all you want is to make your pet feel comfortable and welcomed into your home. You can show all that by building something special: a cat house. This is a really cool design which basically disguises the cat house as a stylish piece of furniture. It can actually also be used as an accent table or plant stand. The body of the house is made of plywood, with a little circular entrance for the cat. Its supported by small hairpin legs. You can find the plans and more details about this project on bybrittanygoldwyn.

A hallway cabinet is something that a lot of homes could use. The issue is these spaces are often oddly-shaped. To make sure that the cabinet fits perfectly, you might have to build it yourself from scratch, adjusting the plans and design as necessary. We recommend checking out the tutorial from makingmanzanita which explains how to plan and build a hallway cabinet just like this one. We love the vintage look and we hope you do too.

Shelves and organizers are useful in every home no matter how big or small it is. For those tall and narrow spaces, something like this could work perfectly. You can obviously store all sorts of things on these shelves. If youre adding them to the entryway area this could be a nice shoe storage system. In the living or bedroom you can use this as a bookcase. To find out how you can build it, check out the tutorial from heywandererblog.

This coffee table filled with succulents and colorful pebbles sure looks cool so we were curious to see how it was built. As it turns out, its all quite simple. The table is basically a box that was converted into a planter/ terrarium. It has a plexiglass top which lets you see inside and a base which gives the piece a slender and cute look. It was all built out of redwood and a minimalist black and white palette was chosen for the design. Check out snugglebuguniversity for additional details.

Big planter boxes can make great decorations but can also cost a pretty penny. However, it all works out great if you decide to build the planter yourself. We have the perfect project in mind for that. You can find the plans for this elegant wooden planter on housebecominghome. Heres all youre going to need for this project: one 2 x 4 piece of cedar lumber, four 1 x 4 x 8 ft cedar tongue and groove boards (or fence pickets), wood glue, 18 gauge 2 nails, wood filler, a miter saw, a table saw, a nail gun, wood clamps, and a brush.

Doesnt this coffee table look cool? Obviously those arent real plants since maintenance would be a really big issue but still, its such a fresh and vibrant design. You can definitely adapt this look for your own coffee table. It would be great to have one that has a glass top. The storage shelf is a must, since thats where youll be placing all the faux plants and greenery. Theres a detailed description on abeautifulmess showing how this exact look was created.

A console table is another one of those things that could make a really big difference in the design and overall appearance of a hallway or a transitional space. It can also potentially be a great DIY furniture project. This double X console table is nice and narrow but also has a robust look. Its all made out of wood and has a vintage-coastal vibe which can complement a variety of different types of spaces and decors. The plans for the project and the instructions can be found on hertoolbelt.

Benches are especially easy to build so if you ever need one for your backyard or your patio, definitely go for it. You can explore all sorts of designs but theres one that stood out for us. This modern-looking bench is featured on jenwoodhouse and mimics a must costlier product. For just a fraction of the price you can build your own version of this stylish bench and customize it according to your own style and preferences.

This is a project on a slightly larger scale. However, its not that much more difficult that any of the others weve mentioned so far. The tutorial from shanty-2-chic describes this as a plate rack but we definitely picture this unit being used as a storage system for lots of areas, not just the kitchen or dining room. It is a large unit which would most likely cover up an entire wall in your home so mare theres enough space. You can then gather the supplies and start building this thing.

Speaking of larger-scale projects, wouldnt it be cool if you were to build your own bed? We came across this lovely rustic design on shanty-2-chic and we think it looks just wonderful. The base is definitely looking very robust but at the same time the design is simple and has clean lines and angles which gives it a modern allure. Be sure to check out the tutorial to find out all the details.

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