Storage Ideas for Foil and Plastic Wrap

Storage Ideas for Foil and Plastic Wrap

Organize your kitchen with these 45+ storage ideas for foil and plastic wrap. Everyone has these items in their kitchen and they can be difficult to organize, but you’re sure to find an idea here that will work for your kitchen.

rolls of aluminum foil and plastic wrap on a blue background.

These simple ideas and products can be the perfect solution for storing:

  • Aluminum foil or tin foil
  • Roll of plastic wrap or Saran wrap
  • Rolls of plastic baggies
  • Freezer paper
  • Parchment papers
  • Wax paper
  • Rolls of trash bags

Storage Ideas for Foil and Plastic Wrap

Your goals when finding a great storage solution for kitchen wraps are:

  • Place kitchen wrap, foil and plastic bags in a convenient location for easy access. The best location is near where you will wrap food for cooking or storage.
  • Not take up too much valuable space, for example on the counter.
  • Find a simple solution that works for your space and your budget.

No-cost and Low-cost Storage Ideas for Foil and Wraps

Don’t overlook the obvious and easy solutions, which can be a great option for storage.

  • Use the original boxes of rolls and store in a in a kitchen drawer.
  • Use the original packaging and keep them on a cabinet shelves or in a pantry.

Use adhesive hooks space far enough apart so that you can suspend the foil or plastic wrap boxes with the hooks inserted in the little notches or holes on each end of the box. You can hang them on the back of a cabinet door, on the inside of a pantry door or on a wall in a cabinet or pantry.

Command Hooks and a wooden dowel rod make ideal wrap storage for renters.

roll of aluminum foil with a length pulled out from roll on white background.

Repurpose a shower caddy to hold wraps by hanging the caddy from a hook or nail.

Stack rolls of foil or plastic wrap in a magazine holder turned on its side.

Use Command Hooks holding a magazine holder attached to the wall or inside of cabinet door.

Place rolls on inexpensive tension rods inside a cabinet. You can place the tension rods with the rolls of wrap horizontally or vertically.

Place rolls of foil, plastic wrap and other wraps in a hanging shoe organizer placed on a wall or back of a door.

Use two to four Command Hook adhesive refills to attach the foil or wrap box to the inside of a kitchen cabinet or the back of a door. You’ll have to use new strips each time you finish the box, but if you’ve lost the hooks and just have the adhesive strips left, this can be a great option.

Use large food storage containers, like ones you’ve lost the lids for, to hold the rolls or kitchen wrap.

Kitchen Wrap Dispensers

Storage organizers fit directly into a drawer or can be placed on a shelf. Many also have an option to hang them on a wall or inside cupboard doors. These drawer organizers are very popular.

Drawer organizers come in different sizes and styles, but most are designed to hold standard-sized rolls of foil and plastic wrap.

One of the advantages of using a drawer organizer is that it keeps your foil and plastic wrap out of sight, making your kitchen look neater and more organized. You can also stack other items on top of the organizer to make use of the vertical space in your drawer.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, often the bamboo dispensers are the a good choice.

There are options for individual rolls and also two rolls. Many contain a built-in cutter that slides from one side to the other of the drawer organizer.

Organizers for Wraps, Storage Bags, Foil and Plastic Wrap

You can use these type of organizers to organize the entire drawer holding foil, wraps and food storage bags all in one space.

Kitchen Wrap Organizer for a Shelf

Sometimes the a kitchen wrap organizer that can sit on a shelf is the best way to store wraps. It’s can be a great option if you don’t have much drawer space.

Kitchen Storage Idea for a Small Kitchen

If you don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen, you should look to use vertical space on the wall, inside cabinets or on the back of doors. These products don’t take up a lot of space and use areas that are otherwise empty.

white wire bin storage unit to hold kitchen wrap and bags vertically.
[TAG19]” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Metal Storage Rack

Cabinet door racks are another storage solution for foil and plastic wrap. These racks are designed to be installed on the inside of your cabinet door, making use of the otherwise unused space. Cabinet door racks come in different sizes and styles, but most are designed to hold standard-sized rolls of foil and plastic wrap.

One of the advantages of using an over-the-door rack is that it keeps your foil and plastic wrap out of sight, keeping your kitchen look neater and less cluttered.

Cabinet door racks are easy to install, many just hang over the door, and can be adjusted to fit the size of your rolls. Be sure to make sure the door can close and not hit any cabinet shelves before permanently installing the rack.

Wall-mounted dispensers are a popular storage solution for foil and plastic wrap. These dispensers free up counter space and making the wrap accessible where you need it.

Most wall-mounted dispensers come with a cutting mechanism that allows you to tear off the wrap with ease. Some dispensers are also equipped with a sliding cutter, which ensures a clean cut every time.

Wall-mounted dispensers come in various sizes, so make sure to measure your space and choose a dispenser that fits your needs.

Magnetic Wrap Organizers

Magnetic holders are a clever way to store your foil and plastic wrap, as they take advantage of the space on the side of your refrigerator or other metal surfaces. Magnetic holders come in different shapes and sizes, but most are designed to hold standard-sized rolls of foil and plastic wrap.

Magnetic holders are easy to install and can be moved to different locations so they’re great for renters.

DIY Foil and Plastic Wrap Storage Ideas

  • Build your own wrap storage with this simple tutorial.
  • Use this tutorial to make a DIY drawer organizer.
  • Use can attach inexpensive wood spice racks to a wall or attach magnets to the racks and attach them to the side of the refrigerator. You can purchase the examples below or build a simple version yourself. You can also often find these racks at thrift stores. Be sure to the check the measurements of to make sure they’ll fit your needs.
2 light wood spice racks on white background.
3 level wood spice racks on white background.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you store aluminum foil?

It’s best to keep foil stored so that it won’t be wrinkled or ripped in storage. This can mean storing it in the original box, if the box is in good condition or keeping it in a modern dispenser with a sliding cutter. If storing individual pieces of foil, smooth them out and fold them neatly until they’re small enough to into a box or bag for storage.

Where do you put Saran Wrap in the Kitchen?

Keep plastic wrap in a temperature controlled area away from heat to best maintain the consistency. It’s also best to protect it by keeping it in the original box or in a plastic wrap organizer.

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