The Dappered Gift Guide for The Tailored/Suited Guy

The Dappered Gift Guide for The Tailored/Suited Guy

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Tis the season to be bombarded by gift guides. But instead of doing a highly generalized, throw-everything-against-the-digital-wall mega post, we’ll be breaking it up by category and dropping multiple guides in the coming days. Gifts for the guy who likes watches. Or the rugged type. Or the guy who’s really into shoes. Etc. We’ll cover all those, and hopefully a few more over the next week or so. 


A (slightly unexpected) Pocket Square – $14 and up

Kent Wang Made in France Star Chart Burritt Pocket Square

A crisp white pocket square is always gonna look good. But since he’s probably set on those basics, go for something different. Try something saturated, or in a wool fabric, or maybe a micro print.


Breathable Garment Bags – $26.99 for set of 5

garment bag

Storing suits sans garment bags is asking for moth-trouble. Storing them in suffocating, cheap plastic bags is asking for rank saturation. Bags like these are the answer. Breathable but still dust and water resistant, with a plastic window that allows you to see just which suit you’re grabbing off the rack. Perfect.


Bombas Knee High Merino Blend Socks – $24

Bombas Knee High Merino Blend Socks

If you’re a regular dress-shoes & socks wearer, try to avoid cotton socks. Feet sweat since most of us walk around on them with some regularity, and cotton doesn’t wick and regulate temperature like wool does. These new Bombas wool dress socks are slightly more cushioned than what you’d find at most department stores, who sling paper thin dress socks. Not so here. They’re not a super thick athletic sock. No sir. But they aren’t see-through thin either. And don’t be fooled by the pictures. They’re a true knee high with a cuff that locks in and keeps the sock from slouching. Shorter guys may even find them to be a touch too long. They fit my 5’10” frame and corresponding relatively proportional/maybe slightly shorter than average legs fine. Maybe a touch long, but nothing crazy. They feel great. Note that first time Bombas customers can use code COMFORT20 to take 20% off their first order.


Wide Shouldered Suit/Sportcoat/Blazer Hangers – $28.99 per 6 pack

Wide Shouldered Suit/Sportcoat/Blazer Hangers

Is it the sexiest gift? No. But wide shouldered hangers are gold, GOLD Jerry!… to a guy who loves to wear suits, sportcoats, and blazers.


Station Money Clip in Vapor Bronze, Silver, or Black – $35

Station Money Clip

Because often when in a suit, some of us will leave the billfold at home and switch to a slim card case and money clip. Cash is king. Cash is classy, quiet, and great for gratuity.


Hornvarefabrikken Shoe Horn – $45

Hornvarefabrikken Shoe Horn

If the person you’re looking to give a gift to wears suits often, then they’re almost certainly in dress shoes often. And that means using a shoe horn. Made in Denmark from real horn sourced from Nigeria. And sheesh, for such a utilitarian piece, it sure looks great.


A Clothes Brush – $44 – $240

Clothes brush

Sticky rollers are great for quick jobs or more casual clothes, but if he really likes his suits and sportcoats he might think twice before taking an adhesive roller to it. That’s where a clothes brushes come in. They’re specifically designed to lift dirt and hair out and up from a suit’s fabric without damaging the weave. Kent makes really nice clothes brushes. Shown above is an older model of the two sided (soft/stiff) bristle brush. Spendy? Yes. But he’ll have it for the rest of his life.


Spier & Mackay Merino or Wool/Cashmere Scarves – $48 – $68

Spier & Mackay Merino or Wool/Cashmere Scarves

Something to wear with the topcoat that’ll be worn over his suits. Spier cares about their fabrics, and that’s really evident in their collection of reasonably priced scarves. Either 100% merino or wool/cashmere blends. No acrylic here.


Kent Wang Made in Italy Grenadine Neckties – $75

Kent Wang Made in Italy Grenadine Necktie

Skip giving him cheap ties. If the guy on your list wears suits a lot… he knows where to get cheap ties. Instead, if he’s been extra nice this year, opt for a splurge tie. Like this classic, silk grenadine tie from Kent Wang. Solid in color but with that unmistakable texture. Made in Italy. And unlike cheap ties, the construction and quality/weight of fabric makes it tie easier, and drape better.


A Garment Duffel – $95$640

Hook & Albert Black Leather Garment Weekender Pro

These are the duffel bags that are designed to unzip and unroll into a traditional garment bag. Perfect for transporting suits and sportcoats (and the accompanying shirts and shoes and what not) while reducing wrinkle risk. Available at many brands and at MANY price points, you can find a review of the (cheap!) Bespoke Post option over here.


A Gift Certificate to their Tailor

There’s always something that can be tweaked just a bit better. A jacket to let out. A new coat to bring in a little. Shirt sleeves to adjust. And a lot of us are coming out of the pandemic with clothes that need to be let out or taken in.


Charles Tyrwhitt Smart Long Sleeve Jersey Polo – $109 (or $59.75 if you buy 4 polos and or shirts)

Charles Tyrwhitt Smart Long Sleeve Jersey Polo

Fingers crossed for a sale. Spendy if purchased solo, especially considering the extra shipping charge. But wearing a polo under a suit or sportcoat is kinda like wearing a turtleneck with a suit or sportcoat. Only you are totally not wearing a turtleneck with your suit or sportcoat. The turtleneck thing is an advanced style move that requires a lot of confidence of which not all of us possess. Polos are so much easier, and Tenet showed they look terrific worn this way. The CT long sleeve “smart” jersey polo is dressed up with it’s smooth cotton fabric, and the hidden button down collars are perfect for keeping that collar in line and away from drifting over the lapels. A size medium fits my 5’10″/185 lb frame almost perfectly. Just make sure to avoid the dryer with them. They can shrink up a little.


Rowenta DR8080 Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer – $110

Rowenta DR8080 Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer

Quite an impressive handheld steamer. Some handheld steamers just flat out don’t do the job well. They spit water or hard water deposits, they’re awkward to hold, and/or the water reservoir runs out quickly. That’s not the case on any level with this super well made, easy to wield, plenty of water in the tank steamer. The dry cleaner can be terrible on suits, sportcoats, and blazers. The less trips there the better. So unless it’s soiled or it’s starting to stink, release the wrinkles with this and be on your way.


A Gift Card for a Ledbury Made-To-Order Shirt – $125 – $135

Ledbury menswear

Why a gift card instead of just outright buying the shirt? Because of all the customization options the recipient will get to chose. Now available in three fits, sleeve lengths in half inch increments, and six different collar styles. The non iron fabrics are of particular note, with their silky finish. They’re just excellent. Production takes 4-5 weeks after ordering since they’re made-to-order.


Rowenta Everlast 1750-Watt Anti-Calc Steam Iron – $129.99

Rowenta Everlast 1750-Watt Anti-Calc Steam Iron

Suits mean dress shirts. And dress shirts (usually) mean ironing. And nothing, NOTHING is more of a ridiculous *womp womp* then getting a favorite dress shirt out of the laundry, firing up your iron, and then spitting yellowish-stained hard water gunk all over the damned place. This Batmobile looking son-of-a-gun is the iron which attempts to solve that trouble. “Removable lime-scale collector and self-cleaning and Anti-Calc systems for easily maintaining high level of steam performance over time; works with tap water.” Good. GOOD! YES. PLEASE.


Spier & Mackay Side-Tab Trousers in Flannel or Tweed – $168 – $198

Spier & Mackay Side-Tab Trousers

For the days when he wants to dress up but doesn’t want to go full suit. Perfect for winter and early spring. Total classics, and the side tabs make them super comfortable and he can skip the belt.


Made in Maine Rancourt & Co. Harrington Slipper – $175

Made in Maine Rancourt & Co. Harrington Slipper

For when he gets home and wants to relax. Made in the USA from Horween Chromexcel leather. Genuine Handsewn Moccasin Construction. Italian Wool Plaid Lining. The opposite of cheap, gross feeling, department store slippers.


A Suit Valet (prices varies)

Proman Products Excalibur Wardrobe Wood Valet Stand

The Pick: Proman Products Excalibur Wardrobe Wood Valet Stand – $199

Great for the person who wants to get organized/set things out the night before. These things are increasingly rare but sure are handy. Amazon has some, but just make sure you get it fulfilled by them in case it shows up damaged, busted up, etc. That way you can easily send it back (don’t trash the box before inspecting/assembling). If you can find a cool vintage one, that might be the real bee’s knees.


A simple (but interesting) dress watch

Dress Watches

A watch given as a gift can hold high significance. How can you not think of the person when you wear it and glance down to look at the time? Your giftee almost certainly already has a go-to, simple dress watch. So something slightly different could be a fun way to mix it up. Think: a simple dressy chronograph, or a watch with a different case shape. More suggestions for simple, suit worthy dress watches can be found here, as well as some more are mentioned over here.


A Dressed Up Dinner Out

A nice dinner out isn’t just about the food. It’s the good lighting, the good furniture, and the talent on display by those making the drinks and food for us. And it’s a great reason to dress up.

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