These 19 Closet Organization Ideas Are What DIY Dreams Are Made Of

These 19 Closet Organization Ideas Are What DIY Dreams Are Made Of

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Closets can be the well-organized homeowner’s biggest headache. We’re not trying to imply that your closets are messy or unorganized (though we’re not judging you if they are), but only stating a simple fact of life: our closets are never quite as big as we want them to be. And that means you have to be strategic to make the most of every single square inch.

Closets are supposed to collect clutter, from shoes and coats to sports equipment, towels, linens and your entire wardrobe. They can be a repository for your most treasured belongings or the bane of your orderly existence. And in the same way that they’re never quite big enough, they never seem to get as organized as you want them to be. They’re also tucked away, so you can feasibly ignore the mess if you want to, but deep down you’ll know it’s there.

Don’t let your closets keep you up at night! Instead, study up on our favorite closet organization ideas. Over the years, we’ve found tons of organization tools, closet hacks and unique storage products that can make your closets look like something from out of a catalog. And right now, you can save up to 25% on storage and organization essentials from The Home Depot.

Save Up to 25% on Select Closet Organization Systems 

There’s a strong likelihood that The Home Depot is already your go-to source for all things home, and this should include home organization.

At The Home Depot, you can find organization solutions for every type of storage space in your home — master bedroom walk-ins, hallway closets, laundry rooms and garages. Most importantly, you can find big discounts on some of the most popular closet organization products from The Home Depot in February.

We’ve gathered our favorite organization ideas for each type of closet — bedroom master closets, linen closets, entryway coat closets, laundry rooms and mudrooms —so you can finally banish clutter from your home.

Save Up to 25% on Closet Organization Systems


Laundry Rooms

The laundry room can quickly become clutter central, between the piles of dirty and clean clothes getting all mixed up, detergent pods spilling and stain remover sitting out. And let’s not forget those used dryer sheets, which have a funny way of accumulating over time. Get it all under control, and make chores easier to do, with these laundry room storage ideas.

1. Flow Wall Laundry Room Storage Set


This wall storage set comes with slatwall panels that are easy to assemble, plus cabinets, hooks and shelves that can be installed in any configuration that works for you. The kit includes a wall cabinet, three medium hard bins, two metal shelves and 10 hooks, and the installation is designed to be simple with all the accessories you need included.

flow wall modular laundry room storage

Buy: Flow Wall Laundry Room Storage Set $449.99 (orig. $499.99) 10% OFF


2. Hampton Harber Double Tilt-Out Hamper


The biggest problem with laundry hampers? They aren’t the most attractive element of any organization system, but they are essential. The alternative would be simply leaving your clothes on the floor, and we know you don’t want that. These tilt-out laundry hampers look like elegant white cabinets when not in use, and they’re one of our favorite closet organization ideas right now. Both hampers come with washable inner cotton linings so everything stays fresh. The tilt-out design is space-efficient and convenient, and the crown molding and white finish will brighten up the room substantially.

hampton harber tilt-out hamper

Buy: Hampton Harbor Double Tilt-Out Hamper $147.95 (orig. $269.00) 45% OFF


3. DANYA B Retractable Accordion Drying Rack


This drying rack provides a convenient solution for clothes that can’t go into the dryer while also maximizing space in your laundry room. It collapses into the wall when not in use, saving space, and has 10 different hanging rods for a variety of clothing. It also has five large coat hooks for additional functionality, and it has a shelf surface up top for cleaning supplies.

danya b retractable accordion drying rack

Buy: DANYA B Retractable Accordion Drying Rack $129.95


4. Home Decorators Collection Collapsible Wall Rack


Our favorite closet organization ideas let you turn unused space into extra storage. That’s exactly what this collapsible wall rack for laundry rooms accomplishes. When you need it, simply pull it out from the wall and hang up laundry and other items. When you don’t need it, simply tuck it away until the next laundry day.

home decorators collection collapsible wall rack, home depot

Buy: Home Decorators Collection Collapsible Wall Rack $209.30 (orig. $299.00) 30% OFF


Bedroom and Walk-In Closets

Whether your master bedroom closet is a reach-in without much depth or a large walk-in closet that could be a room in and of itself, a built-in shelving system is the most essential of all our closet organization ideas. These systems won’t just help you keep your entire wardrobe in order, but they will also help maximize your space and storage potential. Getting dressed every day will suddenly be that much easier.

Shop Closet Organizers at The Home Depot

We’ve included a few of The Home Depot’s most popular storage systems below, but you can also find solutions tailor-made for your home’s closets. No matter the size of your space, you can find a closet shelving system that will be a perfect fit.

5. Closet Evolution Hanging Harvest Grain Wood Closet System


This simple closet system is a perfect element to add to an already configured closet if you need a few more drawers or shelves. It comes with three stylish drawers with decorative knobs so you can add an elegant dresser detail right inside your closet. It also creates 12 feet of open shelf space so you can store sweaters, t-shirts, hats and more, and the whole kit hangs on the wall and is easy to install.

closet evolution hanging wood closet system, the home depot

Buy: Closet Evolution Hanging Harvest Grain Wood Closet System $322.49 (orig. $429.99) 25% OFF


6. Closet Evolution Essential Plus White Wood Closet System


This Closet Evolution Essential closet kit is perfect if you’ve got a wide closet without much depth and want to maximize the space. The kit gives you 12 feet of hanging space and up to 16 feet of shelf space that’s perfect for sweaters, jeans and other clothing. The kit hangs directly on the wall so you don’t have to remove or trim any baseboards. There are seven shelves included, four of which can be adjusted to fit your space and storage needs. The installation is designed to be an easy DIY project, and all the hardware you need is included.

closet evolution white wood closet system

Buy: Closet Evolution Essential Plus White Wood Closet System $224.98 (orig. $249.98) 10% OFF


7. ClosetMaid Impressions Basic Plus Closet System

This ClosetMaid system is floor mounted, rather than hanging, and it includes eight different shelves, three drawers, three rods and three kits for creating a top shelf as well. Each piece has a durable white finish with laminate material for extra protection and a contemporary feel. Four of the shelves are fixed and four are adjustable for holding a wide variety of garments. The closet system is designed for closets 5 feet wide to 10 feet wide, but it can be adjusted for sizes in between.

White wood closet system

Buy: ClosetMaid Impressions White Wood Closet System $463.57 (orig. $618.09) 25% OFF


8. Closet Evolution Dual Tower Closet System


This larger closet system fits closets 6 to 10 feet wide and hangs on the wall, rather than attaching to the base floor, so you don’t have to remove or adjust any of your baseboards. The central shelf tower is double the width of other models, so you have more space for foldable items and footwear. It has dedicated shoe storage, plus rods and shelves that can be cut to fit any closet space.

closet evolution dual tower closet system

Buy: Closet Evolution Dual Tower Closet System $674.99 (orig. $899.98) 25% OFF


9. Closet Evolution Ultimate Closet Corner System

SAVE $100

This closet system from Closet Evolution is perfect for a smaller walk-in model because you can maximize the storage potential of an unused corner, a tricky closet element to organize without a system like this one. It’s built to be easy to install from beginning to end, and it comes with 49 feet of shelf space and 14 feet of hanging space.

closet evolution ultimate corner system

Buy: Closet Evolution Ultimate Closet Corner System $998.98 (orig. $1109.98) 10% OFF


10. CLOSETS By LIBERTY 16-Shelf Closet System

$430 OFF

This giant closet system comes with 16 shelves, six rods and three drawers for plenty of storage for large clothing collections. The best part of this larger closet system is the variability and adjustability, as you can reconfigure any of the components to suit your unique storage needs. It’s a floor-based system that comes with built-in safety features, and it’s designed to fit inside spaces as tight as 11 inches, which means it’s also a great solution for bedrooms without closets.

classic white closet system

Buy: CLOSETS By LIBERTY Adjustable 16-Shelf Closet System $2472.98 (orig. $2909.39) 15% OFF


11. ClosetMaid Hanging Shoe Organizer

You don’t need to install a whole new closet system in order to get organized; sometimes it’s just about getting that pile of shoes off the floor. And that’s why shoe racks are one of our favorite closet organization ideas. This hanging shoe organizer is easy to install on any door, wall or elevated surface in your closet and easily adjusts to store differently-sized shoes. It hangs via a plastic, no-drill door clamp so the installation is quick, and all the hardware needed for installation is included.

ClosetMaid hanging shoe organizer

Buy: ClosetMaid Hanging Shoe Organizer $56.79


Linen and Hall Closets

Having extra linens on hand is important for any household. Whether it’s extra towels and sheets for guests or spare washcloths and beach towels for adventure days, keeping the hallway linen closet in order is a must. The necessary goods? A stylish linen cabinet with enough room for everything and a chic look that’ll fit into your bathroom, hallway or anywhere you put it.

12. Home Decorators Collection Merryfield Adjustable Linen Tower

$250 OFF

If your linen closet is overflowing, then an extra cabinet like this is the solution. This linen tower is stylish enough that it can be placed anywhere and creates all the extra storage you need for towels, sheets and more. It has two drawers and an adjustable shelf for storing the essentials, and it’s made from durable wood that’s sleek and elegant. You can place this whole unit within an existing closet, or add it to your bathroom to create a much-needed storage solution.

home decorators linen tower

Buy: Home Decorators Collection Merryfield Linen Tower $389.40 (orig. $649.00) 40% OFF


13. Home Decorators Collection Hampton Harbor Linen Cabinet


This linen cabinet is also from the Home Decorators Collection and has two cabinets and one drawer for storage, as well as an upper windowed section for a decorative element. It’s designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and it’s perfect for adding towel and sheet storage to a hallway or bathroom, thus freeing up more room in your linen closet. The easy-access doors up top are perfect for everyday items, while the cabinets below can store seasonal goods like thicker blankets and wool sheets.

Hampton Harbor linen cabinet

Buy: Home Decorators Collection Hampton Harbor Linen Cabinet $174.85 (orig. $269.00) 35% OFF


Entryway and Coat Closets

The first thing you do when you get home after a long, hard day? Probably throw your coat in your entryway closet before kicking off your shoes as fast as possible. This daily ritual will inevitably lead to clutter. Let The Home Depot’s closet organization ideas help you minimize mess in the entryway of your home.

14. Oceanstar 3-Tier Brown Bamboo Shoe Rack

ONLY $40

Don’t overlook the humble shoe rack when planning your home organization, especially if you have a large family. Tuck this into your entryway closet and you’ve got a foolproof way to avoid the dreaded pile of shoes blocking the front door. It’s got open slats for proper airflow, a sturdy bamboo structure for durability and rounded edges for easy transport if you need to reorganize.

Oceanstar bamboo shoe rack

Buy: Oceanstar 3-Tier Brown Bamboo Shoe Rack $39.97


15. ClosetMaid ShelfTrack 8-Hook Closet Storage Accessory

This 8-hook closet hanging device is perfect for adding a bit of extra storage to any entryway closet. If it’s winter and your giant parkas are too big to fit inside the closet, or if you’ve got guests coming over, you can also install this system in hallways. It’s designed to hold up to 10 pounds, making it great for winter clothes, scarves, hats and other accessories.

white closetmaid hanging accessory

Buy: ClosetMaid ShelfTrack 8-Hook Closet Accessory $13.47


16. Ottomanson Black Utility Boot Tray

ONLY $14

The salt, snow and sludge from winter boots is a nightmare for your entryway floors. Minimize damage and keep those large, bulky boots organized with a utility boot tray. This one is made from durable polypropylene and has raised edges to prevent spillage from melting snow. It also has four non-slip rubber pads on the bottom for keeping it in place.

Ottomanson utility boot tray

Buy: Ottomanson Utility Boot Tray $13.47


Mudrooms and Garages

The mudroom is that area in between the garage and your house where the dirty shoes get taken off, the rainy coats hung up, and the mess from the outside hopefully gets left behind instead of being dragged into the rest of the home. A mess purgatory, if you will. Anything you can get to keep both areas, the mudroom and garage, as organized as possible will minimize the chances that the rest of your house gets dirty. From hooks to clothing racks to shoe storage, The Home Depot has you covered.

Storage & Organization Solutions at The Home Depot

Plus, right now you can save up to 25% on some of the retailer’s most popular garage organization products. From sturdy steel shelves to modular wall units, you can find them on sale right now.

17. Prepac White Laminate Shoe Storage Cabinet

This large shoe storage cabinet is perfect for mudrooms of larger families, because more kids mean more feet, and most likely more dirty shoes. It comes with 32 shoe cubbies to keep footwear from cluttering the floor and has four larger compartments up top for backpacks, sports bags and more. It’s a versatile unit, so you can move it to any area of your home, but we recommend the mudroom for keeping things as organized as possible.

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white prepac shoe cabinet

Buy: Prepac Shoe Storage Cabinet $287.11


18. Oceanstar Black Steel Clothes Rack

This garment rack is perfect for storing large parkas, winter boots and other accessories in the mudroom or entryway of your home. It’s made of heavy-duty steel and is built with three adjustable shelves for extra storage if needed. It has a removable hook bracket for storing handbags, and the caster wheels make it easy to move around.

Oceanstar black steel clothes rack

Buy: Oceanstar Black Steel Clothes Rack $74.63


19. Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Multi-Purpose Kit


This top-rated garage storage system kit from The Home Depot does it all with a few simple pieces and easy installation. It’s a Rubbermaid FastTrack system designed to get items off the ground with hooks that attach in seconds that you can move around and customize to your liking. It can be used in any room, including the garage, kitchen, pantry or even laundry room, and is made to be maintenance-free and durable for years.

rubbermaid track organization system, the home depot

Buy: Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Multi-Purpose Kit $90.71 (orig. $100.79) 10% OFF


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