These comfortable sneakers are as trendy as Golden Goose—and cost half the price

These comfortable sneakers are as trendy as Golden Goose—and cost half the price

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Living in New York City means I walk everywhere. Because of this, I'm always on the lookout for comfortable and stylish shoes that I can walk for miles in without hurting my feet—from sandals to heels to boots and everything in between. Over the past couple of months, I haven't had many reasons to dress up, so for now I’ve put away my Carrie Bradshaw inspired heels in favor of more practical shoes like an amazing pair of stylish sneakers.

Luckily, there are many options to choose from since sneakers are having a moment right now. More specifically, fashion sneakers. High-end designers and fast fashion brands have been selling sneakers at every price point from basic white (a classic closet staple) to colorful and patterned options. One sneaker that seems to be everywhere these days, though, is Golden Goose. The brand is known for its shoes that look worn-in with the signature star on the side and has garnered a cult-following—even with a hefty $500+ price tag. I’ll admit that when I first saw them, I loved them. I debated dropping $500 for a pair but remembered I had to pay rent and it's gift-giving season and I moved on.

This led me to search for an alternative pair of sneakers that were just as stylish but without the crazy price tag. Enter: P448 sneakers. I stumbled on these shoes while browsing Nordstrom's website and noticed they were very similar to the beloved Golden Goose shoes. While P448's sneakers are not cheap, they do have a lower price tag than Golden Goose shoes. I knew I had to add this stylish and unique shoe to my collection, and took the plunge for the John Low Top Sneaker that has a floral pattern on the tongue and glittery laces. After walking around in my P448 sneakers for a little over three months, here are my thoughts on the shoes and if they might be worth buying for you.

What are P448 sneakers?

Credit: P448
These are like Golden Goose but without the price.

At first glance, I thought the P448 John Low Top Sneaker might be knock-off Golden Goose sneakers. However, after looking into it, I discovered that, like Golden Goose, the P448 shoes are a luxury sneaker brand that hails from Italy. The design ethos as described on their website is “rooted in the belief that eclecticism, design innovation, and continuous experimentation lie at the heart of self-expression. We synthesize elements of subculture, street culture, global culture, and pop culture to create footwear with soul that is always pointing towards the future.” Or simply put, they make really cool, eclectic, and unique street style shoes.

How do P448 sneakers compare to Golden Goose?

Credit: p448
These P448 sneakers are a great alternative to Golden Goose.

While I have never tried the Golden Goose sneakers myself, I do have a few friends who own and love them. After talking to them about their experience with the pricey shoes, researching reviews online, and of course trying the P448 sneakers, I found that there are a lot of similarities between the shoes.

Both the P448 and Golden Goose sneakers are comfortable to wear, Italian made, and are contenders in the luxury sneaker market. They both have a slightly distressed look and unique pops of colors and patterns. One thing the P448 sneakers don't have, though, is the popular Golden Goose star on the side of the shoes. This could be a pro or con depending on your personal preference. Personally, I like the star, but at the same time, I feel like it may skew a bit too young for me personally. However, the biggest difference of all is that the P448 sneakers price tag is lower than the Golden Goose.

Are P448 sneakers comfortable?

Credit: Jamie Ueda and Nordstrom
These offer straight out of the box comfort.

After taking them out of the box, I slipped the John Low Top Sneaker on without socks and could immediately feel the comfort. One thing that really stood out was the attention to detail in the construction of the shoe. The heel has a cushion around the back ankle which protects your foot from those awful break-in blisters, and the inside of the shoe and the tongue are lined with terry cloth to help prevent rubbing and blisters too. The sneaker tongue has slight cushioning to make it feel pillowy soft, and the leather on the outside is buttery soft.

The one drawback of these shoes is that the sole is pretty stiff, meaning they don’t bend much when you walk. Personally, I need a little bend in my shoe when I walk, otherwise, the shoes feel too flat and stiff. That being said, while these shoes are quite comfortable, the stiff sole might lead to sore feet after walking in them for a few hours. That is why I recommend these as a great fashion sneaker, but I wouldn't suggest them for an all-day walking event. However, I am hoping that with more time, they will break-in, though.

Are P448 sneakers worth buying?

Credit: P448
These sneakers come in fun colors and patterns.

If you like the Golden Goose aesthetic but not the $500 price tag, P448's trendy sneakers are a great alternative to score a luxury Italian sneaker at a more reasonable price point, depending on your budget.

They are comfortable and have a unique style that’s hard to find elsewhere, making them worth it for those who want a fashionable sneaker they can wear with every outfit. While these shoes are more expensive than an average pair of sneakers, they are also of higher quality with extra attention to detail—and I didn't get any blisters breaking them in, which rarely ever happens.

I own and love P448's John Low Top Sneaker, which I purchased in the white/floral pattern. While this specific pattern is running very low on stock, they come in a variety of other fun colors and styles—including John sneakers that aren't low-top, but are likely very similar to the ones I have. If you want to try them, you'll have to hurry because they are selling out across retailers. Right now is a great time to buy them because they are on sale at many retailers, and you can score some pairs for over 50% off!

Where to buy P448 John sneakers

Get the John Low Top Sneaker, Floral and White, at Nordstrom for $129.97 (Save $155.03)
Get the John Low Top Sneaker, Floral and White, at Nordstrom Rack for $129.97 (Save $155.03)
Get the John Faux Shearling Trim Sneaker at Nordstrom for $160.31(Save $124.69)
Get the John Sneaker, White, at Nordstrom for $165 (Save $110)
Get the John Embellished Low-Top Sneakers at Bloomingdale's for $165 (Save $110)
Get the John Low Top Sneaker, Naicut Croco / Ocelot Print, at Nordstrom for $285
Get the John Low Top Sneaker, Multiple Patterns, at Anthropologie for $285

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