“What’s One Event That Occurred With A Rude Customer That You Will Remember For A Long While?”: Person Asked Our Community And 51 Pandas Delivered

“What’s One Event That Occurred With A Rude Customer That You Will Remember For A Long While?”: Person Asked Our Community And 51 Pandas Delivered

Working at retail is something of another world, and if you worked there, you know. Some customers are just crazy, and there's no other way to deal with it other than a professional smile. This thread was dedicated to strangest encounters with customers that they had. Scroll on down and see what our community has submitted.


Quick one: first job at age 16 in retail. Was helping a couple (two men) with measuring their skates. A man on the other aisle starts with the homophobic slurs. He was not screaming or talking loudly, just loud enough for us to hear his stupid rambling. Went over, ask if I can help him ? Told me to stop serving their kind or else I'll burn in hell to which I replied
- "Great. I'll see you there!"
Then he exploded in anger and was escorted out by the mall security.


Not me, but a friend of mine working the drive thru at a Fast Food restaurant. Guy pulls up in a Porche Convertible and starts his whining at the speaker because my friend couldn't hear his order. Then he starts talking rude to her calling her all sorts of names including stupid c***.

My friend leans out to hand him his drink, lid barely on, and lets go just as he was putting his hand around it. When she let go, his instinct was to catch it before it fell, "sploosh!" 32oz of cola all over him and his car.

My friend puts her hand to her forehead saying "OMG..I'm so sorry. But I AM such a stupid c***."

He sped off screaming.


My first full time job, working retail. Worked in a bookstore, so generally customers were less unpleasant than other retail stores. Had a couple of doozies, though.

First was 2 weeks after I started, first full shift on register. We had older registers that had the two copy receipts, so changing the paper had to be done a specific way. Paper started to run out, I call the manager to come sow me how to do it... and manager does not come out. Finally the tape ran out (4 calls to manager later), and the register freezes. Manager is still not helping (“I’ll be right there” - said multiple times over 30 minutes). Custer is pacing next to me, going on bout how stupid I was and how she couldn’t believe the incompetent people that exist. Even after I pointed out it was my first day on the register, I was apparently just magically supposed to know how to do everything. Manger finally showed up. Turns out she was on. Personal phone call and didn’t feel like coming to help. (Yes, I asked someone else for help, but they were backed up with customers. We only had 4 employees at any given time.)

2 months later, my 2nd incident. Christmas Eve, and the store was caked with last minute shoppers. Lady comes in to buy a magazine, ends up in my line at the register. We had 4 registers open, but there were a LOT of people. She was 3rd in line, and to wait maybe 10-15 mins as the two in front of her had big purchases. She gets to the counter and throws her magazine at me. Ooookay... I ring it up, she throws the money at me. I then made a mistake out of frustration, and very politely told her to have a nice day and asked if she could be a little nicer next time.

Cue the flames of hell, because she walked away and then proceeded to scream from the door about how she was in line for and hour (huh??) and somehow it was all my fault she got stuck standing in long lines all day... on Christmas Eve. At that point I just asked her to please leave, and tuned to assist the next customer.

I apologized to the next person in line as I had essentially poked the dragon in the eye with my comment, and it wasn’t their fault the drama erupted. Another of my managers was standing there the whole time, saying not a word. Layer he told me it seemed like I had it handled so didn’t jump in.

People should be sentenced to work in retail for petty crimes.


If you work in aviation field, you will meet loads of rude entitled passengers. One that I'll Remember for a long time was meeting a family of 3, mom, dad and 5yo daughter. This happened about 3/4 years before pandemic.

They came in when the counters were almost closed and since it was a full flight we had to go look around to move people and make at least seat for 2 so the kid could be with 1 parent, as is every airline's policy for young children.

This is a long story so bear with me.

After a bit of shuffling we managed to clear 2 seats together for the mother and the daughter. Instead of a thank you, lady went wild and said, exactly:

"I'm not sitting next to a kid for a whole 12 hours. I don't care what you do I want the first row seats (economy) since I have a child."

She was being so loud most people were looking at her like she grew a second head.

Staff politely told her that the plane is a full one and since it's school holidays there are lots of family with kids and given it's almost closing time this is best we can do. We cannot separate another family to seat you together but we can swap her and her husband seats so he's the one sitting with their daughter.

She went on:

"I paid for the ticket together so I should have seats together. I want to sit together with my husband, so you should sit us together. That's what I f***ing paid [Airline Name] for."

The staff explained that her tickets had no reserved seats and that it really is impossible to move anyone else. At this point her husband was trying to calm down the kid who was restless after her mom kept shouting. And he tried to reason with her and told her it can't be helped since it's them who came late and that she shouldn't shout at the poor lady on the counter who did all she could. "I'll sit with [kid]. Next time we'll pre-book the seats," He said.

She went even wilder"

"You shut up. (her kid started crying at this point). This b***h (pointing to lady at counter) is just lying. Our money pays her so she should get seats for us together. Why should I sit away? I have a child so I deserve the first row seats where there's space for kids to play."

At this point supervisor asked us to go help the junior staff. I went and explained again it's a full flight and since it's vacation time there's mostly families with children on holiday in the flight. I also told her that currently we have 116 children on the flight along with 8 babies of less that 2. And front row seats have space for baby bascinet seats as such we definitely cannot give her those and they also were already occupied. Those seats are for mostly under 2 kids and priority is given to youngest.

"I don't care about 8 other kids or 200 kids. They are not mine.I paid [Airline] and I want the seats."

Her husband looked totally embarrassed and was busy calming their daughter.

By then supervisor and manager came over.

Again I explained that the child is sitting with her and they can swap with her husband later if they wish. But that There really is no more seats available.

"I already said am not sitting next to the kid for 12 hours. You find the seats for me or we will not get in your **** trash plane."

It was late and honestly we'd heard enough of it so manager intervened and after presenting himself said,

"Mme while we understand you want to sit together, you also need to understand you can at closing time with no reserved seats and yet she managed to get you at least 2 seats together. And instead of thanking my staff you have been nothing short of manerless and rude towards her and even ignored the fact that your daughter, who's(asking me) how old again? '5,' I replied. Right, who's 5yo and screaming because you keep shouting. It's late, the flight needs to close and we won't delay a plane full just because you do not want to sit near to your daughter. My staff will change and swap you and your husband. If that still isn't okay you may rebook


Waiting tables. Old friends from years back come in, sit in my section. Super happy, super fun, great time catching up with them. They pay with card, then leave a cash tip in the payment booklet before heading out.

Next customers come in (~40ish man/woman couple), are sat at table immediately before I can get to it. As I'm walking to the table, woman has my payment booklet open, also has her purse open, frantically flinging her hands into it. I approach. She quickly closes the book and puts it back in the center of the table.
"Oh. This is yours!"
I pick up the book, open it up, confirm it's now empty and I look her dead in the eye. Nothing but a big, guilty smile.
I walk away from the table, and talk to my manager, tell him exactly what happened. Manager assigns another server to wait on the table so I don't have to.

*Thievery gets excused because their stolen money pays just as the same as honest money. Thanks, boss.
*Thievery is encouraged because my job is paid by T̶i̶p̶-̶b̶a̶s̶e̶d̶ ̶w̶a̶g̶e̶s̶ a literal f*****g lottery with an open pot. Thanks, foodservice industry.


When I was 16 I worked at a pizza place. One time while serving a very large birthday party they had decided that they wanted more pizza and placed an order. I picked up the pizza and walked to their table. The table was so full there was no where to set the pizza and no one even bothered to help clear a spot for me. So I rested the pizza on top of a napkin dispenser with one hand and the other hand I started trying to make a spot to set the pizza down. While doing so the pizza started sliding off the tray and on to the table (burning my hand in the meantime). I was very apologetic and started cleaning it up. The grandfather of the group asked to speak to my manager and at first I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. So I went and got my supervisor and stayed in the kitchen.

When my supervisor came back, she told me that I was to stay in the kitchen at least until that party left because apparently, the grandfather was very upset with me and told her that I was a mistake to be born! Old Geeeeeezer!!!


Not in customer service myself, but my friend worked the gift shop at a water park in Florida. She once had a woman who came in and trashed the store because she was mad that the gift shop items weren’t free. “It’s a gift shop, not a buy shop,” the woman apparently yelled.


Had a customer come in wanting a oil change. As I am trying to write up said customer she was on her cell phone the entire time. I asked her phone number to which she replied, “Can’t you see I am in the phone, stop being a rude b****”
Now I am a Parts department manager and service is not my favorite to do. Customers like this is why I got into Parts. I politely pointed to the door and said to leave and not come back until you are off the phone. And man that’s where is all went down. I was called the C word, rude, and a bitch yet again. Still biting my tongue I told her to come back in a couple weeks when our normal advisor is back. She called wanting to speak to our manager and I said he was not in. He was in and heard the whole exchange. Man this woman snapped. Saying I was sucking my bosses D**k. My reply was that I had a GIRLFRIEND AND again she states I have the Devil in me for my sexual orientation. Fine. All good. You’re entitled to your opinion but you are no longer allowed in this establishment and if you step foot in this building the cops will be called due to her also threatening physical violence towards me in the parking lot as she was leaving. Not knowing my manager heard that as well. I laugh every time I think of this. The stupidity of some people blows my mind. Just because you are the customer does not mean we will allow you to treat us this way. Fortunately I work for a boss who will never let his employees be treated this way by a customer.


I have an elderly customer who rings for me to read out her emails and the weather. (We are a small regional printer but I inherited this clerical job from a previous owner.) She gets cross if I don’t answer. Once I was on the toilet and heard the shop phone ring. Then my mobile - I refused to answer in the toilet! Then shop phone again, mobile again, my husband’s personal phone while he was at his other job, then landline, then I answered the mobile having flushed and washed my hands. So 7 calls. Meanwhile my husband was texting me to tell me she wanted me.

Unfortunately, in spite of about 12 lengthy calls to our Phone provider, they have not yet connected our landline in our new shop after moving. Cust is angry with us about this. As if we aren’t angry with the telco! However the mobile has always been the primary contact.

Another note: Cust will not allow me to call back. Her phone is off the hook.

Just last Friday she rang and I answered though I was home sick. She’d been doing the phoning repeatedly thing again so I explained to her that I couldn’t always answer, and that she needed to leave a message, or wait a bit then try again as I may be with another customer.

“Why can’t you ask the customer to wait and tell me what’s going on?”

“Because I serve customers in the order they arrive, and have voicemail for phone queries.”

“That’s not a good way to run a business.”

Fair enough, pick up and put the call on hold, but it’s a big shop and that would involve walking away from the customer. I tried to explain this to her - and that I occasionally use the toilet or have appointments or meetings - and she hung up on me.

Hopefully I have lost a customer.


I work at car retailer which is still a very male dominated field. But I know my fair share about cars and I know what I'm doing.
I welcomed a customer who was looking for an SUV (my fav type of car to sell, I love SUVs), so I immediately started asking question about what he was looking for exactly. He looked at me weirded out and asked for another sales person. I tought maybe he knew someone who works with me and asked if he got a name for me but no! - he wanted someone male since "a young girl like me probably has no clue about cars" he added that "I could do what I'm supposed to do and bring him a coffee" I was furios and it's safe to say that this rude asshole never got a coffee.


First time I got called a B#tch to my face and then my response...which proved my skin had thickened up. It was about seven years ago..Working in a Thrift Store...working as MOD that night. A lady came in..grabbed a load of items..rang her up..told her total. Our sale was 30% off your purchase..but she demanded more. Told her I couldn't...she the other girl always have her more and the she was a regular. Told her "Well. You mean the girl that was fired three months ago? Other then her there has been no other girl for about a year and half. Funny..I know my regulars..been here for nearly four years never seen you." She looked at me and said "Well.. aren't you one skinny little stuck up white b#tch..aren't you?" She left..all other customers were in shock (yes..was a time when customers were nice). I really don't know what came over me but I let out a "Woot. Break out the non alcoholic bubbly people. I just earned my "B#TCH BADGE" we are celebrating." Everyone laughed and finished the evening with a smile.


Service manager at a credit union, customer is chewing one of my people a new one because he was overdrawn. Totally demoralizing her. I came over to intervene and he started in on me. I said sternly "Listen Richard". My name's not Richard. "Oh I'm sorry. D**k.'


I own a small furniture refinishing company. We post photos online and most are purchased electronically within a few hours of posting and then the buyer arranges for pick up or delivery. It's a very easy process. One evening a woman across town wanted to purchase a set of side tables. She wanted us to hold them for her until the next weekend. I advised that we couldn't hold unpurchased pieces but that we have the option to pay electronically now and pick up later.

She did not have any of the "regular" online payment methods (zelle, venmo, paypal etc) so I walked her through how to install one on her phone to pay. 30 minutes in she has a fit because there are processing fees. I offer to reduce the amount of the furniture by the fee amount (thus we pay the fee not her). She spends another 30 minutes asking ME all of the terms and conditions of the card processor's business. I repeatedly just keep sending her to their website to read their terms and conditions. Finally she tries to pay with her card and it is declined.

She then tells me our entire process is rediculous, I am rediculous and that she is exhausted and doesn't know what more to try. I write back to her and say I understand her exhaustion and ask if she would like me to try to walk her through it again in the morning. No answer.

The next day there is still no reply and the furniture sells to someone else.

The following day I get a notice that the original potential customer has paid us electronically. I immediately refund her money and write to her asking why she had made the payment without speaking to me or answering any of my messages first, informing her that the furniture had already sold some time ago and showing her that I had immediately returned her money.

She then went on a downward spiral. She told me that I was unprofessional, that I had no right to sell "her" furniture. That I should have known she was going to eventually pay for it and that I had robbed her.

She spent over 2 weeks messaging me language from lawyer sites claiming that I caused her damages and that because she felt we had a verbal agreement I now owed her brand new furniture for free. She left bad reviews on our website and other places.

Each time I responded cooly that I understood that she was frustrated but she never purchased the item, she never responded, she had no verbal contract and that while I was sorry she felt she had a bad experience, that there was nothing left for us to do.

2 weeks later she created a fake facebook account to message me about another almost identical piece of furniture asking to purchase it.

... um... pass.


Worked in the bakery of a major supermarket chain in the NW. It had snowed and been snowing and our normal 7 day a week deliveries had not come for 3 days. Running out of stuff like mad. Little Miss I don't have to work too much because my boyfriend pays for everything and Said boyfriend who works in the Tech field from home come in and she is asking about some of our specialty breads. As I explain about the lack of deliveries and we should be back in stock in a few days she keeps getting more and more bitchy. I finally smile my biggest smile, and say "Did you have to work today?" And she got really interested in the question about herself "No, I got to stay home" me: "WELL, I DIDN'T, BE NICER TO ME!" Boyfriend saw murder in my eyes and walked his girlfriend to the jewelry counter to distract her with something shiny.


While doing security work at an event, I was posted at the exit only. Had a lady try to enter, so I informed her it was an exit only and directed her to the entrance. She attempted to push me to the side several times, when that didn't work she handed her very small infant to another woman and assaulted me. I defended myself with minimum force, never laying a hand on her or restraining her. What made me truly angry was the event organizer (who we warned their shitty set up wouldn't work), refused to evict her. I, the victim of assault, was moved to another area for my safety whilst the psycho roamed free. No I did not press charges (should have, live & learn), she was still there so I didn't want to deal with retaliation. Plus she hit like crap, not even a bruise-I've dealt with worse doing junior high security.


When I was still working I had a customer come into the shop to pick up the car I had just worked on. Normally the shop manager deals with the customers but this guy wanted to talk to the tech who did the work. At that time I had over 25 years in the automotive repair industry and I am a woman. When a woman wearing a mechanics outfit walked up to the shop managers side and asked what was up this guy lost it. He could not believe that woman was capable of working on cars much less be a Master Technician. He just refused to believe anything my manager said, anything I said and eventually anything the shop owner said. Just to get his arrogant loud mouth out of the shop I told the manager just let him go, I'd gladly eat the bill which was labor only just to have him gone, and that's what we did. He made such an ass out of himself that even his kid that was with him apologized to us all after his dad walked out of the shop.


Another memorable moment. Tim Hortons, first day again, during the lunch rush. Two teen boys were being smart arses purposely asking for different chocolate doughnuts, and then changing which ones and both were talking at the same time, shouting, actually.
Boys at the same time, but not in unison, saying different words: "I'll get a double chocolate, chocolate dip, 2 double chocolates, chocolate glaze. NO. I SAID 2 CHOCOLATE DIPS, 3 CHOCOLATE GLAZE. NO. THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID. 1 CHOCOLATE DIP. 2 CHOCOLATE GLAZE. NO CHOCOLATE DIP.
One of the boys: "ARE YOU EFFING STUPID, YOU DUMB B****?"

My co-worker and friend, who was very pregnant and on mood stabilizers, heard the commotion, came over and laid right into their entitled, rude butts. It was beautiful and they walked away without their treats.


I work in retail. A customer went mental shouting and kicking off because we wouldn’t go into the shop fetch the slippers she wanted. She told us the customer service was absolutely disgusting as she’d made a special trip into the town. The reason we couldn’t?…The shop was on fire. Everyone was evacuated to a safe distance, smoke pluming out, two fire engines on scene and the street cordoned off (the heating system had malfunctioned) I have no words!


I'll never forget the woman who wouldn't leave the bookstore on Easter. She screamed that I was a "b*tch" for diplomatically reminding her several times that we had been closed for a half hour and she was welcome to come back the next day. She threatened to get violent with me, waited in the parking lot til the cops came, then the next day she showed up in a wig and just stared at a wall for 2 hours. So bizarre!


First "real" job as a cashier at Kmart at 17yrs old in 1983. First time working the Service Desk, a woman wants to return an expensive box fan that's encrusted with dust and "dribbles". But it still has the pristine price sticker on it (it's "proof" for her). She didn't realize it's encoded with the date it was tagged...about 8yrs ago! As soon as I opened my mouth she started squawking and the manager came running over and gave her the refund. She told me to do anything customers want so they don't raise their voice and upset other customers. Then she revealed that woman was a regular who did this on a regular basis. (She sure had them trained.)


Grocery store - lady wanted wanted to return a dozen eggs because they were expired. She purchased them a week or two before they expired, even had her receipt showing that, but was upset because now they were expired…


I do phone surveys. On my first day I got this very, stereotypical hillbilly, Cletus-sounding dude curtly decline the survey and refused to offer anyone else in the household to participate without asking anyone. I think he even said there was no one else in the household. He was a bit rude about it than necessary. Then he "hung up"...
But he didn't actually hang up the phone.

Wife: Who was that on the phone?"

"Cletus - "Just some survey about yadda yadda yadda. Told 'em to shove it wer' the sun don't shine."

Wife: "You thick-headed moron. Maybe I wanted to do the survey. You big putz jerk."

To this day I always ponder if there are people who are interested but don't get the chance because of people like this.
But forever in my memory because of the way they spoke and how it went all down at the end was like something out of The Simpsons.


Customer service, clothing shop that shall remain nameless. Customer tried to return open multipack of underwear claimng that "they are all broken". Non-refundable of course. Back and forth of "can't return opened underwear", "but they're broken!" ended in calling manager. Manager permitted return because spineless, okay whatever. Customer dropped package of undies on desk for return, one was clearly missing so ask about missing pair. "Oops, forgot. Hang on!" Customer proceeded to drop trou and remove the underwear they were currently wearing - the missing pair from the package - and drop them on the desk. Ew. I admittedly did not see the conclusion though, as I called the manager back over and went to the back. Way above my pay grade.

Tl;dr - Customer attempted to return underwear they were currently wearing.


Used to work in an "open kitchen," where there were no doors between the kitchen and the front of house (where the customers were seated). A few of my favorites from when customers would come to ask me questions personally:
1) How vegan is your lettuce?
2) I know I told my server I have a deadly dairy allergy, I just don't understand why you won't give me a side of the buttermilk ranch.
3) (my personal favorite) I refuse to eat honey at all. It's not a dietary thing, it just lends to the subjugation of the bees.


I was working in a mini-market in the 90's. It's a mini-market so not everything items have a price tag.
He bought a Snikers bar. I said 10kr (let's say its $2).
1 hour later he came back furious.
Me: Ok sorry, I give you 1kr back.
He: DO YOU F*****G KOW HOW MUCH 1KR IS? #¤#"%

Never seen an adult get furious for 1kr.
For a second I thought he was going to kill me for the 1kr.


work for an answering service. I'm not sure what happened with my coworker beforehand but I was suddenly on the line with a very pissed off client who was berating me, telling me shae paid my paycheck, you know that sort of warm, fuzzy person. she demanded I tell her my name so she could get me fired and when I responded truthfully, "Jessica", she accused me of lieing and said I was "too old to be called Jessica."

I told her to tell my mother that.


A well-known right wing radio talk show host here in the US had his mortgage with the bank I worked for. He made his payments in the branch offices on the very last day before he incurred late charges. Unfortunately, we ended up having a technical glitch in our systems & his payments had to be sent from the branch to corporate to be posted, which took a day or two. Our systems generated & sent late notices, but the payments were always posted effective the date he'd paid in the branch, so there wasn't ever a late charge. He called me one day, screaming about the notices. I explained that I couldn't prevent them from generating unless he paid a few days earlier in the branch, but that he could disregard them because his payments were posted as paid on time. That was NOT good enough. I went to lunch & when I came back my coworkers were absolutely staring at me. It turned out that he'd gone on an extended rant about the whole thing on his radio show & people had heard it. A little while later, I was called on the carpet because the bastard had called my VP & demanded I be fired. She didn't fire me, but from then on that asshat was handled with absolute kid gloves. I will NEVER forget it.


This just happened today. We get emails in the CS dept regarding issues, and I called the broker to advise how to correct it. He started to yell at me and tell me its our error and we need to fix it. Even after advising him we processed based off what we received he still screamed at me. No resolution I gave him satisfied him. Today I realized after 15 years of doing CS and working in a dept that gets little to know respect (at most companies) its time for a new line of work. And i am not a delicate flower but I transferred the call to a supervisor in tears because he was just very cruel and demeaning and it is very sad that people can just make a call and be so mean and the person on the other line just has to take it because their job requires them too.


Lady tried to return a pair of expensive snakeskin shoes because someone had vomited on them in a nightclub. She got angry & couldn’t understand why, while incredibly unfortunate, that is a “you (the customer) problem, not an us (the store) problem”.

While explaining the actual legal reasons for a refund, the customer changed tact and decided the shoes were now ‘faulty’. I asked how, and she pointed at a section of the shoes where the scales were clearly damaged. Her reasoning was because they clearly could not stand up to a ‘simple cleaning process’. A few follow up questions determined that her idea of a ‘simple cleaning process’ for a pair of super delicate snakeskin pumps was vigorous scrubbing with a METAL kitchen scourer.

When we pointed out that ‘how to clean’ warnings existed on both the shoebox and inside each shoe, she threw the box of vomit shoes at myself and my coworker and stormed out.


I once worked for a major telecommunications company (not a cell phone company, but a landline company). A customer called who was completely irate… He was not going to pay us for electricity anymore! He already had an electric company that he paid! I was thoroughly confused. We were his telephone company. I thought perhaps he had one of those cordless phones that plugged into an outlet. Maybe that’s why he thought he was paying us for electricity?

After listening to him rant and rave for a while, I finally was able to break in the conversation with a question. “Sir, we’re your telephone company. Why do you think you’re paying us for electricity?” He responded, almost defiantly, “It says right here on my bill: Current Charges! I already pay my electric company for electrical current!”

Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious.

“Sir, ‘Current’ as in NOW. ‘Current Charges’ as in charges due CURRENTLY. But we aren’t charging you for electric currents. We definitely aren’t charging you for electricity.”

Dead silence.

Finally, he spoke, “I see. Well, you better not be! Because I have an electric company and I already pay them! And I’m not going to pay double for electricity!”


Having been a manager of a couple retail stores I have way too many stories, but I'll share the two that I find the most infuriating.
First one involved a mother who came in with her 4 or 5 year old son. One of the associates was helping her with a pair of shoes when her son proceeded to start peeimg himself. Pee was literally running down his leg and spreading across the floor. Without moving she just smiled and said, "oh, it's okay honey. These nice people will clean it up." She then proceeds purchase the shoes and leave as if absolutely nothing happened. I understand not wanting to embarrass or traumatize your kid by scolding them in public, but you can't act like that is normal or okay behavior! At least clean it up yourself!

The second one (in the same store) also involved a mother and her kid - a little girl probably around the age of 11 or 12. I was helping the mother put on her shoes, as her daughter stood there starring at me. She wouldn't stop, and it even became kinda awkward. I just looked up at her at gave her a smile and was like, "how you doing? It's nice of you to give your mom company while she shops." It was at this moment that this girl gives the smuggiest little grin and goes, "what's wrong with your eyes?". I have never wanted to bitch slap a child so hard in my life. Her mother didn't seam the slightest bit bothered. I'm chinese by the way.


So, I’ll admit the customer wasn’t rude but she bothered me so much. Because she brought her dog. And it wasn’t just any dog. It was a tan chihuahua and it was SO obese that it was painful to watch. Dogs shouldn’t have to go through life waddling because their owners enjoy “pampering ” them. You can spoil your dogs with toys and attention but don’t overfeed them. Please. (This applies to all pets and humans actually.)


I worked as a cashier back in '05, I was living in a state that sold liquor in the grocery store, & on Sundays (on Sunday alcohol couldn't me sold before noon, the system was set up so you couldn't scan it during those hours.) Anyway 8:30am Easter Sunday a little old woman came in and was trying to purchase a bottle of wine. I explained that it couldn't be sold at that hour she got so mad at me and screamed "you've ruined Easter for my family."


Working in IT. I got called to a desk because the orange on the monitor from their pc didn't match the orange on their laptop. Told them that hue and saturation could vary from device to device. They wanted me to adjust the monitor to match their laptop. Told them that that's not going to happen. They told me I was going to get fired. I took it to management. She got fired. I showed her the way out and laughed when I deleted her account.


I didn't even work therse and a rude customer yelled at me. She thought I was loss prevention.

The lady was scamming the store into returning bathing suits that were obviously worn all summer, were faded, and had l lots of little snags in them. Rude lady argued with the cashier and returning it and then cashier wasn't going to because it was obviously used. I was sitting in the "husband chair" nearby, waiting for someone.

The cashier left to get a manger and rude lady started yelling at me. Why did they send security over to watch her?

As much as I wanted to tell her off for yelling at a random stranger that doesn't work there and for teaching her daughter how to scam stores, I couldn't.

The manager that was coming was my then girlfriend (now ex-wife). So anything I did could potentially blow back on her.

That was over 25 years ago and I still get po'd about it when I think of it.


Not me but my moms friend works at the return place at costco and some karen came in and apparently bought a rotisserie chicken and returned the bones the next day and said it was disgusting


I listened to this call during quality sessions.
It was a long conversation and the customer is frustrated.
The agent asked, "What's the problem Sir?"
Customer answered, "You're my problem."
It went downhill from there.


This customer wasn’t trying to be rude, just really didn’t read the room.

I worked in the chilled/fresh meat section in a huge grocery store and we had a floor worker who was deaf. He could kinda mumble some words like hello and thanks but most of his communication was non-verbal. He could lipread and had aids in his ears so could pretty much get by with simple customer requests, but if the customer spoke to fast or it required verbal explanation he’d come and tap is on the shoulder and we’d tag him out.

At the time (mid 2000s) our town in UK had a huge influx of polish and Portuguese move in. You can see where this is going.

This one day our deaf worker taps my shoulder and on autopilot I give him a thumbs up and ask “how can I help you?” To this woman. The woman kinda chuckles and says “I bet he’s one of those foreigners and doesn’t understand”

I cringed massively, and couldn’t help myself.

“No madam, he’s English actually. He couldn’t understand you because he’s deaf. That’s why he brought you to me”

The woman cringed so bad. I smiled and said no harm done, she didn’t intend to offend anyone and it gave me a laugh. But she DID make a foreigner joke at a disabled person. That’s a real two for one cringe.


I was working at a restaurant with a motel. Well the motel burned down completely to the ground. A month or so later a woman comes in the the restaurant and ask for a room at the motel. I told her the motel, which ran in a u-shape behind the restaurant, had burned down. She called me a lying a$$ b***h and demanded to see the manager or owner. Neither were available at the time. I told her she could walk out and clearly see that the motel was completely gone, nothing left except the concrete floor it was built on. She wasn't having it. She went around telling customers I refused her a room. They were all looking at her like she was insane. Some even told her of the fire and that it had been televised. She still didnt listen. Owner comes in and I explain the situation. He tell her if she has a tent, she could pitch it on the concrete slab where ever she wanted too and the fee would be $50. She left pissed still saying we were refusing her a room.


Some years ago, we had to inform a customer that his shipment was delayed.... he was calm, not upset at all. He told us that this shipment was very very important and he wanted the name of the staff member who was in charge.... " I need your name because I will come to your branch if you don't solve the problem now. If you don't find a solution, I will shoot you and I want to be sure to kill the right person." That was in Germany, not in Texas....


22 year veteran bartender here. Graduated from Syracuse University, but make more money and have more fun behind the bar.
Quick note- in NYS, a parent can legally give thier underage child alcohol on thier own property, however they are unable to give consent for them to drink at a bar/restaurant.
So, I'm working a happy hour shift and a family walks in. Mom and dad order, then tell me that, "Their son will take a Blue Moon". I asked for sons ID and the parents said, "How dare you. WE ordered the beer, not him!"
I took this as a teachable moment and very patiently let them know the law in NY AND that the bars policy was that he had to be 21 or older to even be in the bar, let alone drinking. So I asked for the ID again, knowing full well he was under 21. The parents proceeded to verbally abuse me worse than I have ever been in my entire life. Telling me I was, "nothing but a dumb bar maid", that I was "probably a high school dropout" and will "never amount to nothing". How dare I "pretend to know more about their child than they do!"
They asked for the manager (Me) and really became irate at that moment and called the police. I never got an apology (nor did I expect one), and I'll never forget their faces when the office marched them out of the bar. Yes, I gave a snarky little wave.


Guy in his 40s brought his wife and 3 kids up to the store to return GTA 5 because it was “inappropriate” for his 10yr old. It was open. He had no receipt. He kept saying how he just bought it brand new the previous week and had no idea it wasn’t for kids. Yeah, sure. Only, the game had been out for a really, really long time and we didn’t carry it new anymore. I told him no. He threw a fit. He even called me a c*nt in front of his kids and threw a 56in tv at my head that another customer had just paid for and was sitting up front waiting to be carried to their car. Glad to say he had terrible aim. They left, him still cursing my existence. Came back 10min later apologizing for his WIFE’S behavior! And asked if he could return a random dirty screwdriver that he’d clearly just found in the floorboard of his car. I gave him cash (against policy) and he left. Seemed like he could use it. ?‍♀️


I work at a grocery store, and we have 4 or 5 o this store in my city. I was cashiering one day, and a man came through my line yelling about how h'd never shop at that store again because the milk prices were 2 cents more than what they were at his normal store. He asked to talk to a manager and at that point, the head of the store came over to talk to him, as he was causing a major scene. I haven't seen him in the store since, but i still think about it a lot.


I was working at a McDonald's as a young manager during the introduction to Beany Babies in the late 90's. We had one customer throw his Beany Baby in the face of the counter worker who took his order because it was not the one he wanted. I immediately told him to leave or I would have to call the cops. Thankfully he left with no Beany Baby because he threw his just like a baby.


Worked as a restaurant hostess in college. The staff was all asian. This (white) man and son had finished their meal and as he was walking out turned to me and started ranting about how it was the worst thing he's ever had and how it wasn't authentic (it was, by the way). He then points at his son's shirt, and asks "CAN YOU READ WHAT IT SAYS? 'Stay in school'. I hope you're going to school because you won't have a future here". And stormed off.


I worked at a UK supermarket when I was younger, and I’ll never forget Turkey woman.

It was 23rd December. This is the key detail in this story.

I’m working the raw/fresh meat section and lady approaches me and asks “where are your whole turkeys?” To which I explained that we’d sold out of our allocation. We’d sold hundreds in the two weeks leading up to Christmas being the towns biggest superstore.

She then goes crazy at me talking about how stupid it is that we ran out, Ive ruined her Christmas etc and finishes on the immortal line “NO ONE BUYS THEIR TURKEY THAT FAR IN ADVANCE”.

To which I couldn’t help reply

“Well hundreds of people round here OBVIOUSLY do, because we’ve run out”

She complained at the customer service desk. My manager said he wouldn’t write me up because I was right and she was rude but warned me not to get into the habit of back talking customers.


I once worked in a call center for a company that sells jewelry on television * cough * and dealing with sucky customers is part of the job, and one day I met their queen.

This miserable piece of work was trouble from the start. She ordered a pendant and b****ed that she had wasted two hours of her precious f***ing time watching the show and that the hostess never showed it (wrong). That's when I glanced down and noticed a note on her account about how she's rude, nasty and loves to complain about the show hosts. She maintained that stellar reputation by being rude, nasty and difficult through the entire call, complaining about everything under the sun, and b****ing at me when I had the audacity to offer extra things like insurance or other items she might be interested in (which was part of my job). She b****ed and b****ed and b****ed some more, whining that she never understand any of the agents when they talk (she had a thick, indecipherable European accent and was sometimes hard to understand herself) until I was finally able to end that d@mn call.

Knowing I wasn't first victim of this psycho hose beast, I took a look at other notes on her account and this is what I found:

* She made derogatory remarks about the looks of the show hostesses, has said they don't have the talent or the knowledge to host the show, and they only have their jobs because they must have relatives who work for the company.
* She won't place orders with male call agents and will hang up on them.
* B****ed at other agents that they can't do their jobs and why are they working there if they can't do their jobs.
* Yelled at an agent and demanded to speak to someone "smarter".
* Would yell at agents who have the unmitigated gall to call the item(s) she is ordering "pretty", "lovely" or "beautiful". She is European, you see, and she will decide if the item is pretty or beautiful.
* Has complained that the company doesn't celebrate other countries holidays.
* B****ed that different orders were sent in the same package and b****ed some more that the order should have shipped on Monday instead of Tuesday (call center agents have no control over this)
* Gave an agent the wrong item number, then found out the item she actually wanted was sold out. Naturally, she blamed the agent for it and told her that she needed to work on her speed and didn't need to work for the company if she can't do her job right.
* Complained that the show wasn't matching what her TV Guide said it was going to be, and it was our responsibility to clear that up with them.
* Yelled at an agent who couldn't understand her because of her accent, saying the agent didn't understand her own language.
* Wanted an agent to call the "ugly man" (presumably a male show host) to ask him when he will be showing amethyst again.
* Accused everyone at the company of being drunk.
* Our jewelry is for "blind, old women".
* Complained that the more expensive lines of jewelry are overpriced.
* The company goes against "international rules" of measuring necklaces from clasp to clasp.
* Our jewelry is cheap and fake and Americans are dumb for buying it.
* Expected the agents to know the hardness scale of every single gem being sold off the top their heads.
* Cancelled or returned 99% of the items she ordered. She kept maybe a dozen items from the 500+ orders she placed
* This piece of work has ordered our cheap, fake jewelry since 2006.

But this does have a happy ending. The powers that be (finally) decided this maniac was more trouble than she was worth and cancelled her account in early 2019. As part of this process she was sent a copy of her entire account history. Guess what, the notations were part of that account history. So she got to see exactly what we thought of her. I hope she choked on it.


I work as a deckhand for a whale watching company, and have seen it all. I’ve had to help a woman to the bathroom in heavy swells and once inside she gripped me and wouldn’t let go, told me she was a germaphobe and wouldn’t sit on the toilet so she grabbed me and tried to squat and pee, and ended up peeing on my shoes. She didn’t even tip me. Also had to manually clean poop of a guy who didn’t tip me and then tried to HUG ME. Been told by multiple old men that 20 years ago I would be married to a fisherman with three kids instead of working on boats. Been intentionally grabbed on my breasts for “support” walking across the boat. You name any uncomfortable situation, it’s happened.
Jokes on all of them, I’m about to be a captain. Thank god the industry is changing to more women and this kind of harassment is on its way out the door.


In my 3rd month in the job, this customer came in just before closing and started yelling at me so loud that I started crying. Thankfully, my colleague supported me and the customer left and never came back!


I worked retail for a large clothing brand in the Chicago suburbs my junior year of college.

On Saturday afternoon, I tried to clean up all the hangers and clothes that had fallen on the floor for the clearance rack area. As I was on my hands and knees reaching for a hanger, a woman literally stepped over my back so she could continue to flip through the clothes on the rack above. She didn't say a single word.
I literally sat on my heels for a moment just dumbfounded and stared in disbelief. She didn't even look at me after I sat up.


Used to work in an "open kitchen," where there were no doors between the kitchen and the front of house (where the customers were seated). A few of my favorites from when customers would come to ask me questions personally:
1) How vegan is your lettuce?
2) I know I told my server I have a deadly dairy allergy, I just don't understand why you won't give me a side of the buttermilk ranch.
3) (my personal favorite) I refuse to eat honey at all. It's not a dietary thing, it just lends to the subjugation of the bees.
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