When you live in a small apartment, you can easily find yourself lacking enough storage space

When you live in a small apartment, you can easily find yourself lacking enough storage space

Beyond just keeping dishes and produce organized in your kitchen and making room for a work-from-home setup, you might also encounter smaller storage concerns. Consider shoes as a prominent example: Not only can shoe storage options in small apartments be tough since shoes are mostly rigid and often dirty, but you probably have many different pairs of shoes to store too. Not to fret, though: With these four shoe storage options for small apartments, you can keep your shoes properly organized and your apartment navigable (and clean).

1. Shoe bench

Apartment storage hacks can vastly expand the amount of storage space available to you while, in many cases, adding extra functionality to your apartment. A shoe bench is a perfect example: It can seat one or two people entering your apartment, give them an easy, quick place to remove their shoes, and provide immediate storage for their shoes. You can also easily move your shoe bench from your mudroom or entryway into your living room, dining room, or kitchen when you need more seating space for guests. 

Some shoe benches even include a hinged seat so you can store other small objects in the top of the bench. However, shoe benches tend to be small and limited in storage space, so some people may prefer giving up the extra seating provided for more shoe rack space.

2. Shoe rack

A shoe rack takes the storage concept of a shoe bench and amplifies it dramatically. Instead of one or two small rows of shoe storage under a seating area, you get several more rows – which also tend to be longer – for storing dozens of pairs of shoes. 

Whether you own many pairs of shoes or expect to regularly have large groups of friends over, you may find that a shoe rack will accommodate all your storage needs. However, if you think you might struggle to find the proper surface area for a shoe rack or would rather have storage options with seating, shoe racks may not be right for you.

3. Over-the-door shoe storage

An over-the-door rack tends to hang gently over the inside of a door, whether to your bedroom or your whole apartment. It usually includes individual slots into which you can place your shoes. While great for saving floor space, over-the-door shoe racks can be too narrow for bigger shoes such as boots, and for people with larger feet, shoes may protrude out far enough that the door won’t fully close. 

4. Closet shoe storage

Closet shoe storage is similar to over-the-door shoe storage in that it uses a hanging organizer, usually draped over a closet rod, to divide and store shoes vertically without occupying floor space. If you prefer to keep all your clothes, shoes included, out of sight behind closet doors, then closet shoe storage may be for you. However, the same slot narrowness issues and large foot size challenges can appear with closet shoe storage as well.

Which shoe storage options do you prefer for your small apartment? Sound off in the comments!

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