Why You Should Care About What Shoes You Wear

When you think about what shoes you’re going to wear, do you automatically think of the running shoes you have in your closet? Chances are, yes. Most people choose their footwear based on functionality and style, rather than comfort and health. But before you start thinking about your next sneaker purchase, be sure to read this article about why choosing the perfect footwear is important.

Running shoes are an investment

Just like you wouldn’t buy a pair of running shoes off-the-rack at your local mall, it’s smart to make sure that any shoes you purchase are a good fit for your foot type. Footwear is an investment, not only in dollars and cents but also in comfort and health. Purchasing running shoes online might be tempting for some shoppers, but given how much time we spend on our feet every day—and how sensitive our feet are—making a few extra clicks to find the right shoe is worth it. New Balance has been making comfortable athletic footwear since 1906; if you aren’t wearing their running shoes, chances are that you should be.

Choosing footwear can help fix injuries

If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby or improve your game, choosing shoes that are designed specifically for certain activities is important. When choosing running shoes for men, for example, it’s best to go with new balance as opposed to common athletic footwear. 

Runners should wear sneakers that are heavy in support and structured in ways that will help alleviate common injuries like shin splints or plantar fasciitis. New Balance is one of those brands that has been making reliable running sneakers since 1906; they’ve got a strong presence in the running community thanks to loyal customers who speak positively about their products.

The right fit can prevent injuries

If you want to run with proper form, it’s important to choose shoes that fit your feet well. Studies show that wearing running shoes that don’t properly support your feet can increase your risk of injury. And even if you don’t end up hurting yourself, ill-fitting shoes can make for a pretty uncomfortable run—to say nothing of an embarrassing one if everyone can see your toes peeking out of heels or sliding around in loose sneakers. 

New Balance has created special Running Shoe Guides to help you find exactly what you need! Now finding a shoe to suit your needs has never been easier! Just select your gender and activity level from below and follow our guide to get started today!

We’ve all had those days when we just can’t muster up enough energy to drag ourselves out of bed, let alone work. A lot of us have also had those days where we look at our alarm clock and think There is no way I am going to work today. Whether you decide to play hooky or not, getting through a full day at work with no sleep isn’t easy (and certainly isn’t recommended). So how do you function when there’s not enough sleep?

Sneakers make you comfortable at work

If you work in an office where you’re on your feet all day, make sure your shoes are up to snuff. More than anything else, a comfortable pair of shoes will help you stay energized throughout your workday. Running shoes are designed with shock absorption and traction to keep your energy level high without hurting or feeling sore at all! When picking out sneakers for men that’ll be used as running shoes for men, check out why Saucony is one of our favorites among avid runners everywhere! 

Their tagline is #EndorsedByRunners, which leads us to believe that their passion must be great product innovation and comfort. Between Saucony’s products being top-quality and convenient price point – they really know how to please! The Omni 11 has incredible cushioning that absorbs impact during runs and keeps your feet from getting fatigued too quickly. And because it has such great support, there’s no need to worry about overpronation when wearing these babies around town either! The best part? They come in wide sizes so even if you have wider than average feet, these shoes can still fit comfortably and not pinch or feel tight at all.

Durable shoes cost less in the long run

Some people go through one or two pairs of shoes a year. Why? Because their shoes don’t last very long! Buying cheaper, less durable shoes may seem like a good deal upfront, but over time you end up spending way more money than if you had just bought quality ones, to begin with. So instead of buying three or four cheap pairs a year, invest in only one pair of high-quality shoes that will last you much longer and still be comfortable when they do eventually wear out. Footwear isn’t something most people spend much time thinking about, but it can have a serious impact on your health and overall happiness! If possible, buy quality footwear (even if you need to save up for it) and reap its benefits both now and later.

Fashion and functionality go hand in hand

The most stylish shoes may not be practical, and vice versa. Make sure your choice of footwear is suitable for what you need it for—if you’re wearing black patent leather heels to walk through puddles on a construction site, chances are those $400 Louboutins aren’t going to last very long. This can really add up when shopping for multiple pairs of shoes, so think about where you’ll wear them before buying them. It also helps to remember that no pair of shoes is guaranteed to last forever, so if you like a particular style enough, pick up more than one pair while they’re still in good condition.

How are your feet? If you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes right now, it’s not surprising that you might be a little edgy. The better we take care of our bodies and appearance, naturally, the happier we feel. And when we look good and feel good, we want to show off how awesome we are! Happy feet = happy life!