Womens Wide Casual Shoes

Womens Wide Casual Shoes

This post on womens wide casual shoes grew out of this much larger article on the best wide width shoes for women. That article covered nearly every kind of shoe under the sun. And, frankly, it got too long to be helpful.

I was trying to do everything for everyone looking for wide width women’s shoes. So if you were searching for womens wide casual shoes, for example, you would have to wade through info on all kinds of other wide and extra wide women’s shoes. Maybe you’re not interested in heels or booties. Therefore, I’ve written this separate blog post specifically about casual shoes for women in a wide width. It covers:

  • wide width flats
  • wide width sandals
  • slippers with a wide toe box

Maybe you’re looking for wide tennis shoes for women. Or, perhaps you need wide running shoes for women or some other kind of wide athletic shoes for women. If so, let me direct you to this post on the best wide width shoes for working out. It covers all of that and more.

best wide width shoes for women


Best womens casual shoes: wide width flats

Born is my new favorite brand. I think they make the best wide width flats.

The Born Julianne ballet flats fit so well that I’ve bought it in multiple colors. I think they are one of the best ballet flats for wide feet or the best wide width flats. I’d even go as far as to say they are cute shoes for wide feet.

My black Born Julianne flats are just a single wide but fit like a double wide shoe. These best flats for womens wide feet even have arch support built-in inside the innersole of the shoe.

You wouldn’t expect such great support from a flat, but these Born Julianne shoes have got it. It’s one of the reasons I love them so much and am wearing them pretty much daily. They really are the best flats for wide feet–in my humble opinion.

Do Born shoes come in wide width?

So, to answer the question, “Do Born shoes come in wide width?” Yes, they do. But, like I said above, they come in a single wide width but they fit like a double or extra wide width. Or, at least they do for me.

You can buy Born shoes through Zappos.com. I paid $85 for these best wide width flats. Trust me–it will be money well spent.

Do Born shoes have a lifetime warranty

Born shoes do not have a lifetime warranty. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, haven’t worn the shoes and it’s within 30 days of when you bought them, you can return them.

Also, Zappos has a great return policy. It’s not a lifetime guarantee, but they do stand behind the shoes they sell. So if you bought your Born shoes on Zappos and are having an issue, definitely reach out to Zappos customer support.

Wide width flats for women

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women: Flats

Here are some of my favorite wide width flats for women that you can buy on Zappos.com.


Maiika Ballet Flat


Best women’s casual shoes: wide width sandals

As I’ve mentioned I’ve done well buying wide width sandals from Josef Seibel. I’ve also had luck with Birkenstock, even though they aren’t marketed as wide width sandals. However, the footbed is wide enough, in most instances, that the shoes will fit a wide foot.

I’ve also had good luck with wide width women’s sandals from Munro and Rockport Cobb Hill. Again, I buy most of my sandals on Nordstrom.com and Zappos.com because I know they’re going to carry the wide widths–even extra wide width–shoes this woman’s feet needs.

Wide width sandals for women

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women: Sandals

Here are some of my favorite wide width sandals for women. I own a few of these myself.

Pisces sandals

Tonga 25 sandal in a wide width

Mirela Espadrille Sandal

Lincoln Sandal

Wyola Sandal

Best women’s casual shoes: slippers

It’s not easy to find slippers to fit my extra wide feet. That’s because I need a wide toe box in all of my footwear. If I could wear sandals or Birkenstocks all year long, I’d be in heaven. No worries about the wide toe box there.

However, I was extremely surprised to learn that Ugg makes a wide toe box slipper. In fact, I was so surprised and happy with them that I bought myself two pairs. I have to hide them from my twentysomething daughters when they come to visit, or else they’ll steal them.

Anyway, you can get these Ugg slippers in a wide width. Probably why they have a wide toe box, too.

Another brand that has wide toe box slippers? L.L. Bean. Sure, you might have to buy a men’s size to fit a woman’s wide foot, but who cares? Men’s slippers come in a EE width. Plus, if they are comfortable and work for you, that’s what matters.

Finally, one more brand with slippers made for those needing a wide toe box: Skechers. You can find Skechers slippers in a D width. These are wide enough, even for my double-wide feet.

Wide toe box women's slippers

BOBS from SKECHERS Keepsakes - R E M | Zappos


Uggs | Nordstrom



Where to buy womens wide casual shoes

Here are some of my favorite places to buy comfortable, casual shoes in a wide width:

How to find extra wide women’s shoes on Zappos

One of the reasons I love shopping for my extra wide shoes on Zappos is the site’s filtering system. It’s easy to identify my width, then look at shoes.

Let me explain how it works so you’ll have an easier time navigating these wide width women’s shoe options on Zappos. I’ll give you examples of shopping on Zappos on a desktop as well as the mobile app.

Finding extra wide women’s shoes at Zappos website

One, go to Zappos.com. Two, across the top, bring your cursor to the word “Women.” Click the down arrow. Three, scroll all the way down to the word “Wide.” Click on wide.

From the page that comes up, then click your preferred wide width to search by, along with your size. From there you can choose which category of shoes you want, too.

Finding extra wide women’s shoes at Zappos mobile app

Here is how to search by width for women’s shoes on the Zappos mobile app. One, open the app. Two, tap shoes. Three, tap women. Four, tap all women.

Across the top you’ll see the option to filter. Tap filter. Then, tap women’s width. Make sure the bar at the top is toggled to “I Want.” After that, tap the width you want and then save. Click the back arrow and then done. Start your search.

Best brands for womens wide casual shoes

As far as brands of casual shoes go, here are the ones that I’ve felt work best for my feet. We’re talking about those aforementioned wide width flats, sandals and slippers.

Many offer a truly double-wide width, which I need since I have double wide width feet. However, you may have single wide feet. That automatically gives you more options. Lucky you!

Finally, let me point out that some of the brands, below, fit my extra wide foot. However, they only sell shoes in a single wide. Well, they’re wide enough for me.

Final thoughts on womens wide casual shoes

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for casual shoes in the sneaker or tennis shoe realm, this blog post on wide athletic shoes can help you out. Otherwise, I hope you’ve discovered great brands and places to shop for womens casual shoes in wide widths. And by casual shoes I mean sandals, flats and slippers.

Did I miss anything in the casual shoes category? Do you think I should add something about this kind of wide women’s shoes? If so, post a comment and let me know.

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