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Keith Edmier

Adjustable Garment Rack with Expandable Bar, Black/Chrome

Adjustable Garment Rack with Expandable Bar, Black/Chrome

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  • Extendable garment bar provides extra hanging space
  • Clothes rack on wheels has casters that lock into place
  • Steel frame is sturdy and rust-resistant
  • Bottom shoe rack provides additional storage space
  • Ideal for sorting seasonal gear and laundry room storage
  • Helps reimagine closet organization solutions
  • Dimensions: 17” L x 34" W x 40” H

Your artsy friend Michelle is always looking for the best ways to store clothes in her chic two bedroom apartment. Recently, she turned her spare room into a closet and filled it with these Adjustable Garment Racks with Extendable Bars. Michelle’s Audrey Hepburn style has her fancying a mix of wool coats and black dresses—all which hang on the sleek exteriors of these portable garment racks. She’s glad she can adjust the height to accommodate her reach, too, especially on laundry day. The best part? Unlike Michelle’s enviable style sense, this adjustable clothes rack on wheels is completely within your reach, too.

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