DIY 15 Cube Wardrobe Storage Cabinet Organiser Shoe Rack Toy Bookshelf

DIY 15 Cube Wardrobe Storage Cabinet Organiser Shoe Rack Toy Bookshelf

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Cube storage or hanging space, our unique 15-cube Storage Cabinet lets choose your preference or even a combination of both. With 30% more space than a normal cube, our cube allows you to store a host of apparels and personal essentials easily. Odd shape room or limited space? No worries as the cubes can be re-arranged, stacked up and configured to suit your requirements. And with the included hanging bars, you can create hanging space sans the shelves or a hybrid for optimum storage. There are even three compartment specially designed for footwear storage. Made of waterproof PP plastic and a rust-proof metal frame, our storage cabinet is durable and sturdy with ABS magnetic connectors to keep the entire ensemble firmly in place. Not least, the metal hole handles add a nice touch of creativity.

Note: 15-cube refers to the overall design. Actual number of cubes is 13.

* 15-cube design
* Unique leaf pattern
* Three compartments for footwear storage
* 60L large volume for cube storage
* 45cm cube depth - 30% larger than normal cubes
* Eco-friendly PP panels
* Rust-proof metal frame
* ABS connectors
* Metal hole handles
* Hanging space
* Stackable design
* Waterproof and mildew-proof
* Magnetic connectors included
* Wooden hammer included for assembly

* Frame: Metal
* Cubes: PP Plastic
* Cube storage dimensions: 35cm x 45 x 35cm
* Shoe storage dimension: 35cm x 45 x 17cm
* Weight capacity: 10kg per cube
* Maximum weight capacity: 15kg per cube
* Overall dimensions: 108cm x 46.5cm x 162cm

Package Content
1 x 15-Cube Storage Cabinet
12 x Door Panel 35cm x 35cm
12 x White Panel 35cm x 35cm
32 x White Panel 45cm x 35cm
3 x White Panel 35cm x 17cm
4 x White Panel 45cm x 17cm
12 x Magnet Connectors
48 x ABS Connectors
1 x Hanger Bar
1 x Wooden Hammer
1 x Assembly Sheet