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Keith Edmier

Linen Closet Storage Organizers - Set of 3 Foldable Baskets to Organize Your Sheets, Towels, Washclothes, Blankets, Clothing, Sweaters, Etc - 100% Organic Fabric Bins

Linen Closet Storage Organizers - Set of 3 Foldable Baskets to Organize Your Sheets, Towels, Washclothes, Blankets, Clothing, Sweaters, Etc - 100% Organic Fabric Bins

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Color: Gray


  • KEEP CALM AND CONQUER THE LINEN CLOSET - That jumbled up mess of sheets, blankets and linens can be gone forever. Conquer that linen mountain by sorting everything into these neat organizers. Hiding the mess from guests, potential buyers for your home or your own mother is now a thing of the past. You may even start showing off by leaving the linen closet open.
  • 3 SIZE CLOSET BINS IN 1 SET - closet storage comes with 3 different sizes. Small: For pillowcases, washcloths or hand towels. Medium: For sheet sets, duvet covers and blankets, Large: For heavy winter blankets, bath towels or king-sized sheets. It's amazing what a little home organization can do for your sanity, plus everyone in the neighborhood will be jealous of your home organizing skills.
  • YOU DESERVE AN ORGANIZED CLOSET - People with wire closet shelves or open shelf space are sick and tired of clothes not staying in neat piles. Your morning routine will be 10X smoother with these linen closet set in place. You can store sheets, sweaters, jeans, or even shirts just imagine the feel when you, your partner and your kids can get ready in a flash the next time you go out!
  • PREMIUM DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION - A beautiful grey storage set with white rim adds a fresh clean look to any home décor. Enclosed by a soft high quality non-woven fabric and thick durable inserts you will be using these for years. The foldable front flap opens and closes with Velcro. Fold it down to see what's stacked on the bottom and pull the item out without disturbing the rest of the pile. Your dream closet can now be a reality.
  • MONEY BACK LIFETIME GUARANTEE - stand by our motto - Producing Organized Homes! We want your clothing, linen closet, kids rooms, or laundry room to be neat, tidy and organized. Having a perfectly organized home is key to living a calm, stress free life. If for any reason you are unhappy please contact us, we offer a 100% money back lifetime guarantee.



4 Amazing Things That Happen When You Organize the Linen Closet!

Complete Tasks More Efficiently - Without being distracted by mess in your closets. You will have a longer attention span and become a more efficient person.

Sleep Better - Research suggests that people who sleep on crisp, freshly laundered sheets sleep better at night.

Save Time - Getting ready for house guests or going out with your kids or partner will take half the time once your closet is organized.

Lower Stress - Psychological studies show that women with clutter free homes have lower cortisol levels. Allowing them to feel rested, clear headed and calm.

Closet Bins for A Better Home

Premium Design & Construction - Turn your home into a "Good Housekeeping" or "Houzz" worthy space. Beige nonwoven fabric and strong durable construction create a magazine style effect.

Practical & Functional - Not only do these bins create neatly stacked piles. They also have a fold down front flap, so you can easily access any item without disturbing the rest of the pile. They can even be folded flat for saving space when not in use.

Versatile Organizer - Moms love using these bins for their kids clothing, especially baby onesies that can never stay in a neat pile. Day care centers are also using these for folding children's blankets or sheets in an organized fashion.

Includes Pre-Printed Labels - For those who love to make their closets really OCD neat, you will know exactly what is in each Bin by using the ready-made labels. Or turn them over to create your own.


1 Set = 3 Sizes: S 8.2-15-12.6 | M 13-15-12.6 |L 17-15-12.6

Color: Gray with White Rim

100% Nonwoven

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Organizing Set please contact us. We offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

UPC: 856499008221

EAN: 856499008221

Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 15.0 x 3.5 inches

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